Stereotypes keep disparity alive

Morales, Efrain, Jr.



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Cable rates are , rising unchecked _I’m very curious. Every November or December, I get a bill from Comcast and, lo and behold, there's a $6 or $7 increase. it’s now up to $97 for basic cable. Every year, I call them and ask Why, and they say it’s the cost of doing business. ‘ So I called the Public ' Utilities Regulatory Authority in Hartford (8oo—382-458o)to find out about some kind of control on prices. They said they have no control over cable prices; Comcast and all other companies like that can charge Whateverthey ‘ Want and can raise prices" as they Want. , They said our repre- sentatives and legislators deregulated this business years ago, and that’s who I should call. So I’m hoping Pm not the only one getting these increases every year. Maybe if enough of us call, something might happen. Please everyone, call someone: but ndt me. LOWS HABEEB Norwich Stereetypes keep disparty aive » ’ Until the introduction of incident-recording ‘ devices, reports ‘of police ‘ brutality against minori- ties held’ little credibility, especially since blacks were stereotype - cast as potential harbingers of crime and then meted dis - proportionate sentences by courts, an addendum to injustice. A On the same note, We see a repeat of the after- math of 9/11: Muslims being stereotyped as terrorists. ' In much the same way, stereotypes thrive in; prisons against a histori- cally oppressed minority: Packaged as a written ‘threat against me — by an anonymous homophobic inmate -— the believable lie of shower-stall voy- eurism resonates with ‘ Brooklyn Correctional’s finest, basedon stereo- typical assumption. _ When have on-whim judgments proven pro - ductive? If anything, they create more embittered people ultimately at odds With each other. ' It’s no wonder the country’s die-hard ‘ disparity persists. When stereotypes are exempli- fied, new generations of the same are spawned. EFRAIN MORALES JR. Brooklyn -The author is an inmate at the Brooklyn Correc - tional Institution. , DOGNESBURY By Garry Trudeau 57@'C6' Z/M0? » may N074 5‘/ABBY 65/W5 I E/WFVANCE, Z .’ I ,.4a.Q1 .~.r I/rcvv’ neospe/any ascawes YOU, zo/w<! . \ .4Lso,~7v/wzmvmr a:—5:/vz41<e7HEar;2s,. . .4ND$T+{a9TABR4C5 OFQU4/LRSRD/NNER!

Author: Morales, Efrain, Jr.

Author Location: No information

Date: January 26, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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