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"Still Learning" I'm going to divide this essay into two parts, the first is about us being killed by those sworn to protect and serve us. And the second one, is about the worldwide madness of killing each other on the spot. Police Encounters First of all, I don't have all the answers, and as the title says - I'm still learning. Life, is an ongoing lesson that only ends at our last exhalation. Anyway, I'm no stranger to police brutality is at my t.v's screen almost every night. I have also received - personally a little taste of the "protect and serve" program. At this point; the mask to "protect and serve" has fallen off, and it should be to oppress and kill. My perspective is that of a prisoner; who had never killed, attempt to kill, raped, robbed, or kidnapped. Yet; at 50 to 60 G's a year; I am considered a danger to society. But, in an ironic twist of fate, fallacy, or for lack of a better word hypocrisy. A man in uniform, with a gun and a badge can shoot anyone on the back and be deemed justified. Here, a quick note on President Obama's passivity to come out of his shell and speak up against police killing the people. Several reasons come to mind, but the two main ones, I can infer are as follows: 1).- He can't afford to alienate those that helped to put him into power; and 2).- He is not willing to take one for the team and nobody has the right to compel another to pay the ultimate price. This type of conviction and sacrifice - comes from the heart and soul. So, back to the topic; it is a system of inequality of justice; in which it all depends on which side of the law you are standing. This will determine the outcome of dying by attrition behind bars; or walking out of court as a free man. Police Officer's Training At the academy a police officer is taught two main steps. The first one; he learns to shoot to kill and the second one to watch his partner back. The police officer is a potential trained killer. Why? Well, once he has made the decision to withdraw his weapon and pull the trigger. He is not going to shoot to disable or scare you; he is going to aim to your vital organs and shoot to kill. Police Officer Pull Over When the police officer pull us over only three things are going to happen. 1).- He will write up a ticket, 2).- he may haul us to jail, and 3) he will shoot and kill us for resisting arrest. He will never pull us over to protect and serve us; because; in us, he doesn't see another human being. The police officer is paid to make an arrest, write a report and to make sure that the foundation for a well built case is done. At his report, the police officer may lie a little bit, a whole lot or surprise us and be a straight arrow. The truth is that once, the police officer takes the stand everything he says is the Lord's gospel. And those twelve jurors, who had never experienced a little bit of the "protect and serve" medicine fallacy, will vote to convict. In other words, a defendant without the economic resources, guilty or innocent is better off seeking a guilty plea deal. In the grand scheme of the judicial system; a few months or years deal is better than life or life without the possibility of parole. Realistically speaking; once charges have been filed; what are our chances with a public defender? A public defender can't hire a private investigator, experts, and won't prepare the necessary motions. A solid defense for trial that is just a dream, and let's not forget that a public defender must go along with the state's case. A public defender can't afford to antagonize, the court's judge; and he is going to be paid the same amount win or lose. In court, they speak a different language not fit for the peoples. And to make sure, that you'll get the message; they throw in a few Latin words. Justice is delivered equally only when the defendant is wealthy enough to match the state's machinery of tricks and resources. O.J. Simpson at Los Angeles, and Robert Durst in Texas had proved. Police Officers vs. Civilians Once, the interaction among a police officer and a civilian starts; it can go civil or straight out, savage and disrespecful, from the get go. Now, please, allow me to play the devil's advocate. If you don't have drugs, weapons, or a warrant; in other words you are clean. Then, why not go along with the police officer's power trip? Sure, most likely the police pulled you over; because of your skin color. However, now the ball is on your court; is it really, wise on your part to yell, argue, or make sudden arms and hands movements? One must never forget that we are dealing with a trained killer. It is a lost battle; within three to five minutes, the police officer can have the whole police department to back him up. Who do we have? ; and a mandatory question: "Is it really worth it? We can't afford to give the police the excuse that they need to take our lives. All we are going to get are gunshots on the back on head and a 60 seconds segment of the evening news. The usual, comment: "The suspect was no stranger to the law"; as if a felony could excuse each gunshot. The whole government apparatus is on the police officer's side. We can use the judicial system to file complaints against racist police officers. This will put the light on the police officer in question and his actions will be scrutinized. The last option is less recommended, and to put it in action, one needs to level the field. Thus, to make the issue into a personal matter and wait for the police officer to be off duty. But, this option will not make us better than them; it is just a chance to survive a police encounter. The World's Killing Fields From ancient times to today; we have been killing each other by the thousands and millions. The main reasons - for our cannibalism are - over religion, land, and material resources. Today, the madness has spreaded worldwide and infecting lands that have been peaceful for decades. In the middle east Shiites and Sunnis are going at it ferociously, and unrelentingly. Palestinians and Israelies doing their own share at the melee. The Russians are at it with their cousins at Ukraine. Much closer to home at Colombia; the guerrilla and government have been slowly sheeding with blood its rich and beautiful land. In Mexico a not so subtle war between cartels, government, guerrillas, and self-defense private armed groups are on top of their game. The madness has reached its zenith; that the government in its delusion believes it can disappear 43 students and get away with it. And the above madness doesn't even include the daily silent war against women; which covers forced prostitution, marriage, slavery, mutilation, and killing. No wonder, some people opt not to read newspapers and watch the T.V. news. The Killing Virus There is no vaccine against it; we are born with it, is dormant in our blood. In fact, tomorrow's killers are watching cartoons and eating their breakfast's cereal right at this moment. How many, lovely moms have come out in defense of their children: "My son did not do this." Or killer husbands looking straight at the camera and saying: "I absolutely, not killed my wife". Every time, that another human being is killed, twenty one hundred years of civilization go down the toilet. Suddenly, we are not much better than our ancient [cavernicolous?] closed cousins. USA's Killing Fields How many hundreds or thousands of young men at the prime of their lives are literally erased, obliterated off the land of the free, in a yearly basis? And who is killing them? Well, the killers are mostly their own peers, race, and same economic background. Many times killers and victims went to the same schools, parks, and lived in the same neighborhoods. Thus, their parents also share the same economic hardships and hope for a better future for their children. By applying a Socratic approach several good questions jump out and deserve to be at the very least answered. Machinery of Death In order to kill we need the tools - in this case guns and bullets; but who is supplying them and making them, so, cheap and available at every dark corner in America. How come, the footprints leading up to the supplier of illegal guns have not been followed, investigated, prosecuted and stopped once and for all. In Mexico the flow of the machinery of death vomited a USA's Federal Agency as the main supplier (i.e.- fast/furious project) Just like in the old days of the Mexican Revolution, bad habits are hard to break. State of Mind, Intent to Kill At what point does a young man gets brain washed, manipulated, and indoctrinated to believe that his peers deserve to be killed? The seeds necessary to give the desired fruit (killing) must, absolutely have a conniving farmer, - a master - of deception. Who is in charge of tracking this farmer; before he/she gets the opportunity to plant his deadly seeds? And are parents prepared and know how to teach their children to identify and handle the farmer? Failure, to take a direct approach and "water" children with knowledge is the main cause of so many senseless murders. Many times society is left, with unanswered questions as to why, children or young men went from normal to straight out vicious killers. But, no deep introspection is done, as to when was the last time; that a true teaching in the subject of killing was delivered. Young men are completely ignorant of the moral, ethical, legal and spiritual consequences of taking a human life. It is no wonder, that they seem almost robotistic, unemotional, and cold blooded when shedding their peers' blood. Why aren't they been educated in the subject; thus leaving the door wide open, for the evil farmers' seeds. Somehow, the excuse: "My parents never taught me anything about it, and I came out all right". Well, I have news for you; this is the 21st Century and younsters are living in a fantasy world, Every day 24/7 information via music, movies, and internet is being fed into their minds. Violence, hatred, bigotry, and racism is some of the garbage being made available. Where does the compulsion or need to kill comes from? and why are they so willing to kill over so many petty, unimportant motives? In many of these killings nothing is gained by their commission, no resources, land, or profit is made. Just pure malice and evil thought put into action on the spot. No sane parent wants to have a killer as a son; in fact, even psychopath parents send their kids away to other countries to be educated. In Palestine we know who is indoctrinating the children to become killers. In Colombia and Mexico the guerrilla and cartels are the masters of deception. But, here in the USA the farmer, master of deception is not even being investigated, studied, much less destroyed at his game. How many more have to die and go to prison for the rest of their lives? Ignorance is Not Bliss Now, let's go to the punishment part of the equation; with its legalities, sentences, and "correction and rehabilitation". It goes without saying that an uneducated, semi-lliterate young man is stepping on a total different planet, as soon, as he gets arrested, charged, prosecuted, and sentenced. The legal representation provided to him is not only mediocre, but a pretense of a defense to provide the basis for appeal counts to affirm a conviction. By the end of the day, everybody - judges, attorneys, clerks, bailiff, cops, correctional officers; doctors, nurses, counselors, and educational instructors get to keep the wheels in motion. All, they have to do is wait for the next killer; by the time the convicted killer realizes his predicament of perpetual slavery is way too late. The indignities of incarceration are too many to narrate, but a few are worth it to be mentioned. First of all, once convicted, one becomes according to the U.S.A.'s Constitution a legally bound slave. Then; the perpetuity of this slavery is ratified by the U.S.A.'s Supreme Court which without shame declares: "Lifers have no right to be released..." Thus, the complexities, as to the life time consequences of taking a human life are not too easy to comprehend by adults. Imagine, a young man's brain not fully developed trying to make sense of his predicament. A young man will gain more, by visiting the city's morgue to see a body full of bullets. By attending a burial ceremony and hear the cries of the victim's relatives. By visiting a lifer rotting in prison for three or four decades for a crime that he committed as a kid. By visiting the hundreds of crosses all over the south border; of people that died trying to reach the so called "American Dream." By visiting the graves of those that were lynched in the southern states. Because, all of this violence, racism, bigotry, ignorance and murder are connected. A lifer will not be there, to help his parents in old age and bury them. He will never have a family of his own, nor will ever walk bare footed on a beach. He will never again visit a mountain or swim in a river; nor get in his truck and drive wherever he wants to go. And the list, can go and on of all the things that he won't be able to do and accomplish in life. Once, this generation is made aware of the huge consequences that are brought upon taking a human life; the rest is up to their free will. The current sad state of affairs, of young men killing each other; has been imposed upon them. And they don't have the tools to deflect it; the principles, beliefs, and unsupported ideals; under which they kill is based on someone else's lunacy and concepts of life. Unless, we learn to question, doubt, investigate and analize the true basis and goals of this sick indoctrination, we are doomed to repeat the past. There is nothing worse than being buried alive in a cement box; because of an indoctrination built under false pretenses. The indoctrination is so deep at all levels of society; that those of us, that have recognized it for what it is, are deemed a danger to society! We are the outcasts, weird, and mentally unbalanced; history will prove us right. The chains of mental indoctrination are too strong to break free; unless by some luck the individual finds himself and truly knows himself. Since, it would be totally ridiculous for us; to try to make sense of something; we don't understand, without first and truly knowing ourselves. Once, one knows oneself; the second step is to learn our true human history; in order to be able and discover our own truth. For way, too long; we have allowed others' version of the truth to be imposed as our own. The current "status quo" has created a whole generation of sheep willing to kill and die on someone else's perverted version of the truth. We have been misled and became docile, and meek. We obediently and willingly walk into the slaughterhouse and slavery camps accepting our lot in life. They can define us as "worst of the worst", scum of the earth, etc..., but their reasons for it are based on greed, racism, and total control over those, that they consider inferior races. Of course, that perception of reality was also planted in their minds by those that came before them. The most important lesson that history has taught us; is that the killing among people of the same race, has been instigated, encouraged, and accommodated by those seeking to rule over us. Furthermore, contemporaneous history shows: 1.-That these intellectual, academy graduated men of honor and principles will not hesitate to kill us on the spot, sentence us to die behind bars by attrition, or perpetual forced slavery; and to make a profit during the process. Nine billions dollars a year to keep us, in this state of affairs corroborates my allegation. Defensive and Offensive Tools As, I said above; the sooner young men are given a few water drops of reality the better. The internet offer us instant connection to thousands within seconds. It doesn't do anybody any good to identify and expose the problem and not offer any possible solution. We already know that between the ages of 10 to 16; a huge campaign of indoctrination is gradually introduced into the young men's minds. So, common sense dictates that defensive measures must be introduced at or around the age of six. In other words, by the time the indoctrination campaign starts the kid will recognize it immediately. Otherwise, they are just sitting ducks waiting to be manipulated by those that wish us dead, in prison, drug addicted, alcoholics and homeless. They make no secret about; one is known to have texted another: "What black man can hold a job for over four years". Counterattack What about two web pages; the first one for children ages 6 to 12 and the second one for ages 12-to-18. The older ones will set the example for the younger ones. Everybody, within those ages would be more, their welcome to become a member. The first club 6 to 12 could be called "The Eagles", because during those years they can easily pick up a second language. They can learn to play an instrument; they learn to read, write, play sports, they have unlimited energy. They are learning to fly and - absorb - knowledge and experiences that will last a life time. The second club 12-to-18 years could be called, "The Lions". During this period they put into practice everything that they have learnt. This is the most important part of their lives; the decisions, they take will define their character and future. At this phase; they have the free will to become a sheep or a lion. And not just, any lion; they have to evolve into true kings of the jungle. They must question, doubt, analyze and discover their own truth. They are setting an example for the young eagles coming behind them. So, they must always do their best effort in everything; they set up, to accomplish. As part of the encouragement to join in, some insignia, caps, t-shirts, certificates of graduation. And even a little cake for each year anniversary as an eagle or lion. These ceremonies and paraphernalia should have nothing to do with profit. But, to keep the club membership active, evolving, and interesting. The funds to pay for the articles should come from voluntary donations made by the members' allowances. Each club should have its own administration, president, secretary, treasurer, etc. In a truly democratic fashion; it should be renewed, re-elected every two years. So, from a very early age; they would be exposed to a true democracy. One where, they'll have a voice and a vote. Each club selects its own administration and is run by their own members; without interference from any adults. No adults' political agenda should be allowed; since this would defeat the whole purpose of the clubs to be creative, independent, and questioners of the "status quo". Principles Ten non-religious principles should be institutionalized and be the same for both clubs. Suggestions: Some of them as food for thought, but in no way to run my personal agenda. 1.-Respect and honor everybody around you. 2.-Love and protect mother Earth at all times. 3.-Never abuse those that can't defend themselves: (i.e. older people, children, pets etc...) 4.-Devote 15 to 30 minutes to know yourself: (ie.-meditation, or contemplation, [daily]) 5.-Discipline your body to do 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity to break a sweat. (i.e. get rid of harmful toxins that otherwise will start accumulating.) 6.-Never under no circumstances raise your hand against your parents. 7.-Always, question, doubt, investigate, analyze and reach your own conclusions based on personal experience. 8.-Never take anything personally or make assumptions based in speculation. 9.-Never stop learning, challenge your mind in a daily basis. 10.-Devote one day, of every year to serve the community to which you belong. (i.e. start forming your legacy.) The principles can be renewed by new updated ones every three years. This should be done by direct vote and the new principles must be created by the members only. The renewal of principles will keep the movement always fresh and evolving according to the times. Membership cards with a picture and the principles on the back of the card, could be introduced. Conclusion A state wide campaign of undoctrination, education, and pro-activism to rehumanize children, and young men is a just cause. A direct approach, as the above one can have positive effects for decades to come at all levels. The government is not going to take the first step to put in work and stop this madness. The government's solution is to build bigger and better prisons for the ones coming behind us. Nine billions dollars a year won't let me lie or speculate. Peace and Love "A Worst of the Worst" "Z"

Author: Pulgoso

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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