Still no accountability, reported evidence of corruption

Pierce, Seavon



4 of 4 Article: Still no accountability, reported evidence of Corruption, After resources from the Attorney General, the court-appointed attorney Phillip Trevino under Habeas Rule 8(c) where appointment of counsel is required "if an evidentiary hearing is required by law." The appointment of counsel exist as the third step to take place after the court has found a violation of the constitutional law as defined by "clear and convincing evidence" that requires Habeas relief under 28 USC 2254(d), United States law, when a violation is found. This violation among other was concealed after being found, was concealed by omitting the attached dictation of authoritative language from the record, falsifying the record to mislead one to believe that no violations were ever found or existed our of the multiple violations that still exist, violations concealed by fraud, falsifying federal documents. The federal court took several actions and steps under the statutory mandate identified to cure a violation of the constitution found by the court. The interactions between the Attorney General and counsel appointed to represent the petitioner in the evidentiary hearing are legally defined as "a pre-hearing conference" evidence of the statutory requirements to resolve the violations of the United States law. Then you have documented actions initiated defined as "pre-hearing discovery procedures" to obtain evidence to be considered only in the hearing. Through process of "deposition" besides the deposition respondces from Judge Harold W. Hopp, actions to be completed by the court only when violations exist. This evidence of violations found by the court still exists as evidence and violations being actively concealed as violations of the laws of the United States in case no. 5:09-00310-VAP(cw). SP 6-24-20 Seavon Pierce

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: June 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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