Street life vs. system




Street life vs. System Street life being the only things that's known. Pain and unreasonable circumstance, drive you into The streets, where hunger strikes, cold, loneliness, and most of all anger. Life responsibilities won't let you in. Jobs, housing, family, friend's, they all say No. A lifestyle formed by rejection may cause the use of drugs, or alcohol. Hunger is the reason why you steal, the cause that drives you to be more severe, keeping the lifestyle going. These habits keep you in and out of the system, never being noticed for the catalyst just being noticed as the problem that never goes away. The system has to really look at the beginning, use their system called PSI. Pre-Sentenced Investigation, does it only mean what you did to get yourself into jail, or do the PSI officer's go back at what started the cycle of trouble and help find a solution before jail or prison, or are you found guilty before even pleading a case just because your record history shows your addictive behavior. Restore means "To bring back to a former or normal condition, as by repairing, rebuilding, bringing a person back in a place or position place, (Webster's New World Dictionary) The system has its own proof of overlooking what restorative justice is really supposed to be about. They keep on warehousing people who only return to the same thing with nothing learned to fall back on in a positive view. Then the question is how we get here in the lack thereof. (J.G Miller, 1996:10-47 Austin and Irwin, 2001:17-62)"they don't do more rehabilate those confined in them" Instead, prison systems function as depositories for drug offenders, minorities and, petty offenders. "One cursory look at the gun towers, walls. Razor wire is evidence that prisons were built to warehouse and punish and not to rehabilitate." System is to establish a way of methodical planning in one's way of proceeding. Our prison system has the one size fits all disease. So my experience with restorative justice reframes my view on justice. Knowing the said above is something I actually experience, leads me to see no justice. Once I took Restorative Justice it confirmed my thoughts on how the system really is. Flawed and almost everyone turns the eye the other way. Out of ignorance or just being tired of being on their job for endless years, often allows Judges, Lawyers, and District Attorneys to misjudge. They've seen the same thing over and over again, so it goes back to the one size fits all. Terminology I use in this proposal gives the idea of what I further would like to write. It's so many ways and topics on the failed system. Like what is restorative justice and why is it important when we talk about criminal justice reform? It all goes together especially when the justice system is not accurate at what justice is outside of the mind and made into action. I learned in Victim Offenders Education Group everyone has to play apart in what's right. Be accountable for one's own action, it cannot be a one way street. By keeping prejudice in every sense of the system view of how the people are handled. It's just that people are people. So in conclusion, We all have to look in the prison and see the damage not only prisoners made but the judges and the lawyers and the district attorneys have made and begin to apply relief, and restore, rejuvenate Rehilabilate inmates back to the original person who they once were. If we as a whole don't start now more than half of the world will be in prison. And those who have worked on themselves inside will never see freedom. nd those who need to be restored will remain tainted. The object of restorative justice is to bring it back into the word justice, so the mass warehousing cease. Street Life vs. System The system needs to understand is that habits are formed from life being hard; it has nothing to do with race or sexuality, religion. It comes from the very beginning, parent's cycles. If the history of poverty or abuse of every sense is never broken then all you end up with is broken people. Politician's need to see past American Greed and see America in NEED. Mass incarceration doesn't change the way people think the magnifying glass sees them, it only lays seed and allows them to hatch Most likely into more hatred for the alleged perpetrator who didn't hear there plea when they stood before the judge. Their mind frames is set to be on F*ck the system cause they screwed me with no Vaseline because of the way they see fit, tag them and book them. See I can write about this all day long just because I'm on the inside and experience just about all there is to experience and to hear. I listen to mass murder, to molester, to wife that killed because her husband beat her, and then there's the maniac. They all scream one thing they ask for help before the crime happen but they only received a UN-define answer. Then sometimes Post Traumatic Stress the person right into the behavior there asking help about, the problem that lead them into criminal behavior is not notice, just the crime. I have read many theories about authors view on why criminal behavior is what it is. The topics are about biological, psychological, strain, social control, Marxist, conflicts, economic, ecological and anomie these theories does not show why some people commit crime and others do not. They search for some complicated art of war when it is a simple overlooked issue. All they need to do is apply restorative justice to the system. Written by: Kiesha

Author: Kiesha

Author Location: Oregon

Date: February 21, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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