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Keiter, Jacob A.



SUBJECT: Stress Article DATE: 06/21/2021 08:25:56 AM Grab a pillow and scream directly into it at the top of your lungs. AHHHHHHH!! Write down all of your ill feelings on a piece of paper then shred it into a million little microscopic pieces. Blast some rhythmic yet progressive music at maximum volume and exercise until both your arms and legs completely give out and you collapse. This is stress relief. Human are naturally stress bearing, worrying creatures. We stress the minuet things as well as the most grand things to the same extent. Anything and everything, from what we are going to wear out on our next shopping trip, to something as extreme as what the future may hold for us. Sometimes we just can't help to over think our every decision. We don't necessarily stress our personal actions, but rather the reactions they may potentially cause. Trust me, I'm no exception to any of this, in fact I'm the unofficial king of McStresstown over here. Entering the prison system, my mind was already programmed, actually brainwashed with what the mainstream media displayed to me as what will happen to me in prison. Immediately I began to stress the potential violence, gang activity, and the fear of being the guy who dropped the soap. If this wasn't enough, my mind drifted to somewhere completely out of my control, and induced far more stress than my physical well-being. I constantly worried about my life outside of these walls and what exactly would happen. I mean,I do still exist beyond these walls, right? Would my wife be my ride or die, or would she leave? Would my family be okay without me? Who will be the ones who accept me for me upon my return? Let's just say within my first year, I developed a nice gray patch of hair at just 25 to prove the stress I put myself under. As time progressed most of my worries faded, well from a general standpoint. I still possessed my daily stress and worries we all experience, but the ones I found to be unrealistic and overall ridiculous vanished from my direct mindset. I discovered new ways to cope, diminish and forget that stress through activities such as writing and working out. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was doing so good, until my release date appeared in the very near future. A second wave of stress hit me like a hurricane. Preparing for my release has been one of the most exciting, yet completely nerve racking feelings I have ever experienced. I wouldn't exactly say new stress was created, but rather reserved stress I had stored on the shelf came into existence. I began to worry about what I seem to believe typical initial reentry tasks. Where will I work? How will I acquire a vehicle? What contribution will I be able to provide to my home? As these worries flooded my brain, I was quickly reminded that I've built up an unstoppable, strong and secure support system who has my back. My wife, Julie, deserves more praises for her dedication to me than I could ever express. Since day one she has been my number one support through thick and thin. She of course has the option to leave at the beginning of this shenanigans, but she chose to stick by my side. For years now I've continued to vent all of my worries to her, and although she doesn't always have the answer or an initial solution for me, she does assist in relieving the stress with simple words such as, "we'll figure it out together". To this day I still stress the little things to her and although it annoys her to some degree (trust me I can tell) she continues to deal with it and attempts to clear my head. Another support system I've recently developed I can only thank The Sun for. The editor, Drew, and myself have developed quite a wonderful friendship. He's never been quick to judge me and has fully believed in me since our initial contact. Our relationship goes beyond that of "work" but I have already added him to my new positive support system. Plus he has promised to share some venison jerky and help me experience some of those simple good times whenever I make it home. The various readers of my column have also boosted my confidence as well, Drew told me recently he went to purchase a vehicle at a local dealership, and the owner praised my work specifically and wants to help me succeed upon my release. The little things are truly what warms my heart and soul. Although I may continue to sweat the little things, as my wife constantly tells me, I'll figure it out. Between my own ambition and my positive network I should be able to succeed in eliminating any stress. Worst comes to worst you'll hear me screaming at the top of my lungs in Sun Country. Don't worry it's just stress relief.

Author: Keiter, Jacob A.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: June 21, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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