Burrell, Joel A.



6/25/2017 The American Prison Writing Archive: I would like to include an article of stress. "STRESS" I'm in an environment, which is very stressful especially for those that have been convicted and awaiting trial. The more serious your offense is the more careful you've got to be because inmates will ruin your life, by trying to gain leniency through framing an individual for crimes they never committed. Dealing with grief of my father's loss, family and friends betrayal, false accusations, as well as precious time passing by. Everyday is a struggle because freedom is very much wanted. I try to consume my time in the law library, studying case law, playing chess, and playing scrabble to ease my mind off my situation. Thank God for keeping me from all hurt, danger, depression, and oppression. Too much of the day is wasted due to lack of activities, education, or educational literature. I got to self-educate to prepare for society. Although, freedom is the #1 priority visitation, video visits, commissary, fresh favorites and debit calls make it more comfortable for inmates, but I rather not get too comfortable. Justice is what I'm seeking, but so many want to conspire against me with the Hampton Public Defender, Commonwealth of Virginia, Hampton Police Department, and corrupt government officials to allow perjured testimony, to gain a conviction after they supplied these individuals with confidential information. Being hidden from the media is taking a toll on me because individuals trying to frame me as a serial killer, which I never been violent at all. This is the only way I can take my frustration out. The small support I'm grateful for because to know someone care for me and love me. I try not to get in a state of animosity or angry because joy come if you wait on God. The meals are horrible, not never seeing the sun except court dates to get fresh air, and the sharing of the gym creates another longing for release. Being [more?] physically fit isn't much of a concern unless a sudden health problem occur because I've done seen how poor the health care system works. There is a disastrous atmosphere of a whole lot of negativity, which you can't indulge in. Rehabilitation is a must and you can get sidetracked, so stay focus. I'm very focused on becoming more positive. Just have to do better. Prayer is very much needed! Sincerely,

Author: Burrell, Joel A.

Author Location: Virginia

Date: June 25, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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