Stuck out queer at Michael Unit

Oguntodu, Joseph



Stuck Out Queer at Michael Unit The past month, I have dealt with a lot of unnecessary drama. I was harassed by Sgt Ol... K N... on 7 building in front of his Officer COV G... A.... I take medication every afternoon. I work a double shift which consist of feeding lunch/dinner. Sgt N... is ignorant to the fact that a queer black man has power. He has caused a lot of heat on the Michael Unit. He has served in the military and feels that he can be arrogant and cocky. This administration doesn't want to fire him. They giving this man a slap on the wrist. People don't feel comfortable working for him. 2 grievances have been filed by me. He had COV Be... Ca... act dirty in the lieutenants office. Control freaks get themselves in a lot of trouble. The man has the audacity to say that I was out of place when I was at the pill window. Karma will come back to haunt him. This occurred Sept 6, 2017. The latest grievance was filed on 9/14/17. I quoted stuff in their handbook. I have known military people that are well behaved. He is not a leader. He is a Donald Trump. He bullies inmates to the point that they get angry. There is other staff that cause problems too. let me address Sgt. M... H.... She used to be okay when she worked on 8 building Medium Custody. She has control issues. She had the audacity to tell me on July 9 2017 that I can't put my books in the library box. Right there it shows that she is anti-queer, bigoted. Even Officer J... can vouch and he doesn't feel comfortable with her. Why does staff want to hang around M... H... and O... N.... A... M... told me that I shouldn't question her. I believe she hates queers too. A queer black man has every right to question authority. The inmates hate on her too. She shouldn't be allowed to get away with her shenanigans. Chaplaincy on this unit is uncalled for. C... A... has acted arrogant and doesn't operate as a pastor should. He called me a "liar" twice. He doesn't like individuals that try to challenge him. The church is corrupt. C... needs to stop causing drama. Officer A... is another African who doesn't understand [me?] Officer A... and other Nigerians have an issue with communication. They are institutionalized also. Recently, it has been hard to get my clothes exchange because there is no supervisor present. They are to run out necessities between 12- count time on Wednesday I told a worker that I needed to get back to work and I didn't have time they run necessities either while I am at the law library 5:30-8:30 AM or when I go to work. I work 10 hour days. I had co-workers that defied the staff and got fined. These inmates might come back to prison this the workplace is slavery. They waste food. The blacks feel they can run the kitchen, pressuring others to do their dirty work. The whites are segregated along with the Latinos. A lot of the Latinos are in the scullery (dishroom). Blacks are either on the serving line, sanitization, cooks. The kitchen commissary has more whites there's not open queers in the kitchen. The officers dining room (ODR) has more whites. I plan on working in the kitchen until I discharge my sentence which is 9/1/2020. I am usually exhausted after coming home. Some of my co-workers won't share food with me. they rather give it to their homeboys. The gangs still exist. Also some of the kitchen workers feel they can run over staff and other comrades. They horseplay too much for me and don't realize there's a cost there is too many jokers in prison and not enough nerds. Nerds are considered outcast. On the Michael Unity, we have separate hearing for safekeeping. Many are part of the queer community. A lot of them have been on the similar road as me. The weather patterns is crazy out here in East Texas. It is getting cold late at night and it is not even winter. Hurricane Harvey affected a lot of people. I am coughing/sneezing. I even try to eat a watermelon and it still won't go away. I have cut off pancakes. I had to do my best to stay healthy. It is hard to rest a whole day due to my work schedule. I have to eat something. I should have never ate those casseroles. I am wanting to be at 140lbs. I have gained and lost weight over the years. The kitchen produces a lot of starch. There is an overweight epidemic. Many inmates don't have proper nutrition. They don't do recreation daily. This unit has had staff shortages to the point where they feed Johnnies (sack lunch/or dinner and breakfast). They don't put enough inside everyday I get blamed by comrades for not putting enough food on their plate. This they call it is "shaking the spoon" Also the unit is violating policy by not providing proper ingresses and egresses every hour. Dayroom time is open 7-10:30 Sun- Thurs, 7-10 on Fri/Sat and holidays. Why would the Michael Unit break TDCJ rules? If Bill Clinton came to the Michael Unit he would probably have the unit shutdown. This is the 30th anniversary of the unit. Morale is down. Theres no unity. There is too many cliques. It is hard to fit in being a queer in prison is seen as weak. Many misjudge you. I was told that I would been in hell. Why put your religious dogma down my throat? They feel that they can accomplish something. Many of the religious zealots didn't pursue scholastic pursuits they are one-sided individuals. Even the head Chaplain Thomas Taylor admitted that he skims through magazines. Why wouldn't you take time to read things? The religious right don't want to stretch their brains out. It is all about helping individuals find their purpose. Not many inmates want to write. This is part of society. One must take time to practice. It is not learned overnight It is hard to sleep at night the banging of the keys is annoying. The staff at night are mainly African at night. Many go to school during the day. My intention is to finish all the way to my PhD. Every prison should have a Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a civic organization that gives individuals tools to be effective speakers. The #1 fear in America is public speaking. I served as Sgt at arms from Oct 2015- March 2016 while being an associate member from Nov 2014- April 2016. I served in different roles. I was 3 speeches away from my competent communication award. I had to bypass those who criticized me because I was queer. In the [Clemeno?] Unit, I didn't go to church for 1 year. I focused a lot on working in laundry. This is allergy season out here. I can't get rid of this cold/cough. The medical department has you convinced to take Claritin. Claritin doesn't work. I been hacking/sniffling, etc for almost 2 weeks. I am now trying to sort things out as I am about to discharge my 10 year sentence on 9/1/2020. I don't want to parole because of cost. I am trying to save the state money. I am tired of being under state watch. I want to challenge the administration to stop allowing staff to queer bash. Prisons are still promoting slavery. They won't even admit it. They still write a case. I had a bogus case written by field officer C... Y E... for not walking backwards and failure to pick up the pace. It is like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and other western shows. I couldn't survive field squad work. I have tried to make a difference during my time in prison. It is still difficult. I had some drama in the kitchen that occurred on 9/13/17 involving a sexual assault. A group of people were in the dishroom when this took place. Sunday 9/17/17 I was placed in lockup and was briefed that the cameras were on. I had undergone tests on 9/18/17, filed paperwork and was approved to be shipped off the unit 9/22/17. The guy was out of line for attempting to pimp me out to other blacks. I am still HIV/STD-

Author: Oguntodu, Joseph

Author Location: Texas

Date: September 15, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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