Subject matters arsenic poisoning in the water at United States Penientiary Atlanta prison offical’s fails to provides adequate notice

Hazel, Bobby E.



BOBBY E.HAZEL REG. NO. 41097-133 SUBJECT MATTERS ARSENIC-POISONING IN THE WATER AT UNITED STATES PENITENTIARY ATLANTA PRISON OFFICIAL’S FAILS TO PROVIDES ADEQUATE NOTICE 1. On February 6,2019, prison official's at the United States Penitentiary at Atlanta, GA, provided prisoner's with "Notice," that arsenic in the water. 2. An article on the internet released by a new Station Atlanta (Fox 5 Atlanta), releases the following assertions where its states in relevant parts: The Federal Bureau of Prisons official's say inmates are cooking with and drinking bottled water. Several tests late last year showed arsenic levels above safe standards. The tests were conducted between September, 2018, and this past January. Althrough September, October, November, December, 2018, I was not put on notice of the arsenic in the water. Or put on notice in the month of January, 2019. I. PUTTING ME IN IMMINENT DANGER FAILING TO NOTIFY ME OF THE ARSENIC IN THE WATER IN THE MONTHS OF SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, 2018 / AND IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY, 2019 3. My confinement conditions are objectively serious as to deprive me of the minimal civilized measure of life's necessities, and prison official's acts and omissions in response to arsenic to the conditions coincided with a sufficiently "Culpable state of mind." Prison official’s failure to provides notice in the months of September, October, November, December, 2019. And in the month of January, 2019, when prison official's has learned of the "imminent danger," where I am subject to the following dangers, in which prison official's has violated: 1. Failure to inform me of the date that prison official's learned that there were dangerous elevated levels of arsenic found in the water supply, provided for my use; 2. Failure to provide test or evaluations (within a 48-hours of learning that the water test results indicated dangerous levels of arsenic, found in the water supply provided for my use) upon my hair, nails, urine and blood,to compare with Biomonitoring date; 3. Failure to provide me with the length and duration period, that I had been exposed to dangerous elevated levels of arsenic, found in the water supply, provided for my use; 4. Failure to provide me with the identity of the third party consultant that conducted the first and subsequent test on the water, which concerned this entire episode of water crisis; 5. Failure to inform me of the fact that: when arsenic is heated, it emits a vapor that smells like garlic; which would have allowed me to engage in personal reflection of prior events; toxic effects; 6. Failure to inform me that high dose of arsenic, in drinking water ingestion, can exert toxic effects, after acute (short—term) or chronic (long—term) exposure; 7. Failure to inform me of the following toxic effects, of elevated levels of arsenic, which include: reproductive disorders, heart disease, diabetes, immunological problems, neurological (nervous system) problems, diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, nausea, brain injury, vomiting, abdominal pain, dehydration, shock, high blood pressure, ulcers, nosebleed, digestive disorders, skin inflammation, skin irritation, reddening of the skin, hair loss, numbness or tingling of the toes and fingers, kidney disease, liver disease, skin cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, nasal passage cancer; 8. Failure to inform me of the effects of inhalation of vapors or skin absorption of arsenic. 9. The above failures are criminal recklessness subject me to any of the above danger of my health in the present or the future to come. My consumption of such contaminated water to continue from September, 2018, thus January, 2019.

Author: Hazel, Bobby E.

Author Location: Georgia

Date: April 8, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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