Subject matters: Prisoner’s at the United States Penitentiary Atlanta has been deprived of clean water for many years

Hazel, Bobby E.



SUBJECT MATTERS PRISONER'S AT THE UNITED STATES PENITENTIARY ATLANTA HAS BEEN DEPRIVED OF CLEAN WATER FOR MANY YEARS Under the Clean Water Act ("CWA"),33 U.S.C.l311 State of Georgia pursuant to Section 402 of the CWA,33 U.S.C.l342,has been denied by prison official's to provide clean water. I am a victim of prison official's inactions and omissions to provides clean water at the time I am suffering from kidney failure,in which I discover from a medical physican at a outside hospital through medical record: Prison medical staff's had failed to notify me of the kidney failure. On February lst,20l9,prison official's notify prisoner's at this prison do not drink the water. Thereafter,we have been provided water bottles. Prison official's knew of the danger in which prisone face a imminent danger from drinking the water,but to no actions to prevent injury or future injuries on ones person. I went to the prison infirmary seeking medical attention to do the kidney failure where I told a so-call care provider of the prison failure to notify me of the kidney failure. The so-call medical care provider took no action in assisting me. Now I am up in arms seeking relief throug the prison administrative remedies process,and other means necessary to redress the injury,in which I now seeking from. Prison intentiol were arbitrary to keep prisoner's a sleep to the imminent danger,in which they faces on a daily basis, Life behind these walls on the poor and oppress where no one care who live or die. Prison official’ was notify long ago to not to drink the water,but not us. It must has been a whister blower who had made the oppressor's to take actiox by notifying the helpless,powerless prisoner's of their fatal in Whit they faces. Another blow to humanility for those who does not care for those who are poor,prisoner's and other down out human being in this earth.

Author: Hazel, Bobby E.

Author Location: Georgia

Date: February 16, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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