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Tolbert, Vernon



8-3-2017 Vernon Tolbert Stateville Corr. Ctr. PO Box 122 Jollet, IL 60434 RE: submitting essay for publication. Hi, my name is Vernon Tolbert, PO Box 112, Joliet, Illinois 60434, I'm currently serving a 65 year sentence for first-degree murder in which I have been wrongfully convicted of. I have presented the trial Court of Cook County, Chicago Illinois with fingerprint evidence of my actual innocence that clearly exonerate me, and the court have just simply ignored my pro se petitions, I had a public defender appointed to my case but she withdraw From my case, because I filed the pro se petition that are currently pending without her knowledge or consent. I asked the court to appoint me another lawyer and the court has refused to do so. This situation has caused me to lose hope in my freedom and life itself, it's been 16 ½ years and it seems like nobody is listening to me. I got newly discovered exculpatory fingerprint evidence that was discovered in December of 2016, why I'm still in prison can someone please answer this question? I guess the essence of my essay is my actual innocence. An I don't think nothing else in the world is worth talking about then my innocence, /s/Vernon Tolbert

Author: Tolbert, Vernon

Author Location: Illinois

Date: August 3, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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