Sucker punched!

Brownell, Charles A.



Sucker Punched! FD P1 As a fan of Japanese Anime, Suckerpunch! was a great watch and was enjoyed multiple times. It was such a surprise to see a live action rendition made with such a strong cast and it was a good movie. The story line is a bit on the sick and sadistic dark side of human nature and society. For those of you who hadn't seen it, the story is of Females around various teen ages. These girls are all supposed to be orphans and/or run aways but some were bought and paid for. They're taken to what's supposed to be an "orphanage" or better known as a reformatory, is a psyche center where the girls are tortured, tormented, and abused to be used as Labor and sex slaves for the owner's personal business. These girls are forced to dance for clients and if these clients like what they see, they select the girl for their pleasures. The New Girl, Baby Doll, is different because when she is forced to dance, her mind goes to a very different place where she and the other girls are mighty fighters. They're warriors fighting against the evils to collect necessary items for Baby Doll's plan to escape. The end is special and tough, as is the story. On December 31st, 2019, the Arkansas Department of Correction Varner Supermax Unit shows the move Suckerpunch! It was just as good as remembered from the previous three times watching it only this time, something in mine own mind clicked... Damn it! All Inmates inside of all ADC prisons are being forced to live this very sick and sadistic reality! The Inmates are living various forms of Suckerpunch! and no one has stopped it! Everyone is forcefully put here by sick and twisted individuals hell bent on only money buying and locking up Inmates or slaves under false pretenses. The prisoners are all forced into slavery and even I was told when face to face with the Devil Marshall "Dale" P2 Reed that all Inmates must "earn their place or keep..." The slavery is of Labor and for select few, sex. The prisoners are very poorly fed and cared for as they are abused, tortured, and mistreated regularly by all staff. All Prisoners must perform special dances and moves to escape this hell and play "good" for the Staff and the Inmates. For most Prisoners, none of the Inmates truly have eachother's backs. Some of the semantics are different, but the story is so very similar and so many sacrifice themselves and their bodies to ensure others "do go home." In watching this movie comes the confusion of this realization as well as how the movie encourages revolt and escape from this tyrannical imprisonment... This was the magical moment of the full impact realization that all prisoners not just in Arkansas but the Entire United States have all been sucker punched!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: January 29, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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