Suffering for trying to save lives: COVID-19 (SARS2) crisis

Brownell, Charles A.



Suffering for Trying to Save Lives: COVID-19 (SARS2) Crisis FDI P1 SARS-CoV-1 (SARS) struck in 2003 killing hundreds of thousands in the U.S., less than the flu each year. SARS was a coronavirus pandemic that had originated from Wuhan, China. Home of two large biological-genetic labs. Sixteen years later, 2019 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) or better (SARS2) originates again from Wuhan, China creating another world wide coronavirus pandemic. It would appear one or both of these labs are experimenting with weaponizing the virus that causes the common cold, influenza (the flu) and is highly contagious to the human species. Proof? Once is an incident twice or more is a pattern. In Oklahoma, 2003 my father, Joe Brownell and uncle, Vernon Brownell both contracted SARS. Difficulty breathing, fever, severe aches and pains, severe fatigue, and nausea were their symptoms along with impaired sense of smell and taste. Both survived but only barely, both testing positive for SARS. I, myself and uncle, Bill Brownell tested positive for SARS yet had no symptoms despite caring for my father and Uncle Vernon. SARS2 or COVID-19 has been mutating and running in waves in the 2020 pandemic and has proven to be much more contagious and deadly than SARS1 of 03. The introduction of COVID-19 (SARS2) in February 2020 was of the infected and dieing onboard the two Princess cruise line ships from China. The rapid infection rate of the mass of people on those ships proved the extreme contagiousness and that close proximity of others is dangerous. Those forced to live in close quarters are in grave danger. This has been known since then and the U.S. does nothing for or about those forced to live in close proximity. The very rapid spread or infection rate in all countries proved that COVID-19 (SARS2), like its predecessor SARS is a Global Pandemic. In March 2020, COVID-19 was finally declared a pandemic in the U.S. The world watches in uncertainty and horror of thousands being hospitalized due P2 to infection daily and thousands dieing from infection daily. In the U.S. COVID-19 (SARS2) is destroying nursing homes. April 2020 as a military ship, children in schools, and inmates in prisons display extremely rapid outbreak provides further proof of what was noted in February that all facilities and living locations that "force close proximity" are incubators and those people are in grave danger. These are incubatory death traps! The U.S. government and professionals order "social distancing" and the U.S. goes silently into "medical martial law" as indicated by the gold borders around the U.S. and state flags. The world takes precautions except the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) prison system whom does nothing but continue to bring people in off the streets and force close proximity incubatory living conditions. In continuing months it gets worse worldwide and the U.S. goes on shutdown. Turmoil and unrest follows. In April 2020 I wrote a letter to the ADC Senator Director Wendy Kelly, ADC director Dexter Payne, and ADC Deputy Director Marshall "Dale" Reed about what the Varner Supermax facility is doing by bringing in New Intake Inmates that are supposed to be on "quarantine" yet they're moving them around the facility. In this and their own actions ADC staff are bringing COVID-19 into the prison putting everyone in danger. How our forced to live in close quarters 4' or less between bunks were in death trap incubators. I get pictures out to my mother for proof. Late April early May several officers get COVID-19 most notable was Lt. Hester who always ran "chow-call" on his shifts helping infect everyone, all before he showed symptoms! My warnings went ignored as I warned COVID-19 was already here. Cummins unit just a mile or two down from Varner is Suffering for Trying to Save Lives: COVID-19 Crisis FD P3 already totally infected and over the next several months ADC unit after unit (North Central Unit, Randle L. Williams, East Regional, etc...) report mass outbreaks and inmate deaths. ADC is incompassionate and decides only people of non-violent offenses (drug offenses only because everything else is violent in Arkansas) become candidates to send home... only 1700 of 18,000 plus people incarcerated proving that ADC has no compassion and no one has right to choose who's life is more valuable over another as we're all equal! Inmates here are Varner die all chalked up to diabetes complications, heart attack, and drugs. None COVID-19 tested. June 2019 the letters I sent the directors are sent to Warden James G. Gibson (Satan). These are the letters about living conditions, actions, the dangers of COVID-19 and infection. Fact our beds in open barracks are 4' or less appart. We're in a dangerous incubator and Varner Unit is working hard to bring it in and kill/infect inmates! James Gibson (Satan) is already targeting me and discriminating from the first week of June, here it is the last week of June and now Gibson really attacks me. He claims my letter was a bogus lie and claims there's been no COVID-19 cases here despite record of officers and others. Gibson (Satan) orders my abuse and torture for informing upper level ADC of things going on and warnings of crisis and infection that there is record of especially Lt. Hester from April and video footage of the supposed "quarantined". What really made Satan mad, my statement that I got written statements of goings on from his officers! Late June and throughout July in Isolation 1 between and durring torture sessions I was subject to, we hear from inmates and officers about officers being reported to internal affairs for illegal activity and officers dropping out to COVID-19. Officers quitting left and right out of fear for both reasons because they know what's really P4 going on then poof, inmates with COVID-19. Barely any staff to run staff from other facilities being brought over in emergency and it was already dangerously under staffed. I was tortured for telling the truth and now COVID-19 is running hard! August 13th, 2020 Varner Supermax is mass tested for COVID-19. August 16th, 2020 Varner Supermax is on total lockdown for mass COVID-19 (SARS2) infection only proving Gibson (Satan) the liar and confirming what I'd reported. I was given a fake disciplinary by Warden James Gibson (Satan) and was abused and tortured by Sgt. Dunlap, Officer Herrington and other staff with the unplugging of my CPAP breathing machine whilst I slept and Well Path Mental Health with ADC facilitating the archaic and barbaric "Behavioral Treatment" forced to sleep naked on a dirty floor without clothes or basic necessities for days, all of this on camera. Sgt. Perkins verified we have COVID-19 and are on absolute COVID-19 lockdown, no one's going anywhere as of today as test results of mass infection come in. I suffered and was tortured for reporting and predicting this back in April, trying to save lives! (See my previous essays with the A.P.W.A.)

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: October 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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