Support the fight to free Antwann: An innocent man continues to fight for his freedom

Johnson, Antwann



Support The Fight To Free Antwann! An Innocent Man Continues To Fight For His Freedom My name is Antwann Johnson, and I have been incarcerated for over 24 years due to being wrongfully convicted for a murder that I did not commit. You may have read “Lost and Forgotten”, which was my first story that I shared concerning my life’s journey. After this, I wrote “Against the Odds for a Worthy Cause”, in which I expressed my experiences as a hospice porter during the prison COVID- 19 pandemic. This story would catch the attention of a reporter at the Kansas City Star newspaper, and on May 10", they published a feature on their website titled “Somebody by Their Side” based off of it. But now my focus and sense of urgency is regarding asking for your support to help me in my fight for my freedom. As I sit in my cell looking out of the window; I ask myself, “Who will fight for me, besides God?” If you could see life through my weary eyes and feel the pain I carry with me ona daily basis, you would know that being in prison for this long due to a crime that I did not commit weighs heavily on my heart and soul. I’m encouraging you to please go to Google, type in “Antwann Johnson” then click “News” when the search results pop up. Please read through, and if you support the petition concerning my innocence then I’m asking that you please sign it and also encourage others to sign it as well. The more signatures the petition receives, the more of a chance I have of my case getting fully reviewed and investigated by the circuit attorney’s office in the city of St. Louis, MO (Kimberly Gardner). Throughout the years of my incarceration, I have continued to work towards bettering myself, maintaining my connection God, and exercising patience and compassion towards my fellow peers; never giving up hope that one day true justice will be served and I will once again see freedom outside of these prison gates. The petition sets out the facts! These are the facts that the State of Missouri deprived me of when they were focused on seeking a conviction at any cost, even if it meant at the expense of incarcerating an innocent man. As a result, I was framed for another individual’s actions and have been locked up ever since. It is your signature supporting this petition that ensures I will receive justice. So please encourage others to also read, sign, and share my story. Because until I regain my freedom? I will remain a broken shell; just another lost and forgotten soul trapped within a broken judicial system. Twitter & Hashtag! Justice for Antwann. Antwann Johnson For more information, visit: Share with Facebook Friends Please!

Author: Johnson, Antwann

Author Location: Missouri

Date: December 30, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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