Herrera, Joel



T.D.C.J. From experience I can honestly say that it's a shame that a Third world country can have better and cheaper prison systems than our great America. I speak of Mexico, a prison system that brings humans to feel like human beings. A place where a person of wrong can live and think of better ways to be a good man to society that's treated them humane when bad they were. Now, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is far from treating its prisoners like humans. It pains me to see all the uproar on the Guantanamo Bay prison, where terrorists were held and are still held. That scandal turned many Americans and other nations to treat better all the terrorists. The most radical, brutal, grotesque killers this world has come to defend against. Yet, even these most evil souls care to receive sympathizers and those sympathizers tainted most Americans as brutal. So now these terrorists get the royal treatment their so-called religion calls for while in the prison system around the world. Not even in their own countries do they get treated with such royalty, much less their own prison system. America, your Texas state prisoners only cry out to you for humane treatment. I speak for many here, if not all, when I state that this Texas prison system is nothing more than a harsh animal lab facility to us prisoners who have lived here and watched, daily, living conditions, treatments and torture. They are now robbing us of donated money that our family and friends provide by raising extreme prices on items we get to purchase here. Bluntly, I express and explain it all so please listen to your brain reading these words and make a difference by being our voices and saviours. T.D.C.J. is physically, mentally and shamefully torturing us. It's a sham-scam, an experimental facility that only cares to profit from our labor and eating habits. These past few years, Texas prisons have had to bring budget cuts because of government waste. But these cuts in the prison system have turned into more punishment. Inadequate medical care, unsanitized conditions, food shortage, etc. Our food has always been insufficient in the proper daily nutrients. Now, it's to the point of starvation. T.D.C.J. has had a form of punishment that's been around many years called "Lock Down," where we are fed a "Johnny". A "Johnny" consists of a peanut butter sandwich and a meat sandwich. This punishment is suppose to starve us and weaken our body's and mind's, breaking us down mentally and physically. We are fed this so-called "Johnny" for months. It's a proven fact that this torture does not work, because, believe me, "It doesn't work". If anything, it only makes us more angry, frustrated, and any other negative feeling one could come up with. This so-called "Johnny" torture is alot more expensive than regular hot meals we receive. So not only is it starvation from "Johnnies" torture, it's also more expensive for tax payers. "Johnnies" have been around for many, many years, and tax payers have been finding this torture for many, many years—and not even knowing it! Another torture here is the physical and shameful brutality by the guards here that have no training on treating a human being as a human being. Most all of these guards here come to view us as the enemy, animals, scum, and their free world bullies, which in turn causes them to be just what they view us as. Yes, these guards became just that to us prisoners, and we can’t fight them off because it only makes matters worse. The guards here harass us, spit on us, beat us, and strip us naked any time they wish to view our genitals, or fondle us. All just for laughs between themselves (guards). They place us in cells that don’t have running water, no sheets or matresses, naked we stay for days, and on top of that, let a few days pass without feeding us. This is a torture technique that’s not in their rule book, but us as prisoners know they exist and have existed for years. Now, even our Friends and Loved ones are being harassed, degraded, and sexually handled by the Texas prison guards at visitation. Yes America, this is the treatment we and our Loved ones receive countless of times from your tax paying dollars here in TDCJ.

Author: Herrera, Joel

Author Location: Texas

Date: 2023

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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