Terrorism at the state level

Stonecipher, Timothy W.



Terrorism At the State Level First North American Serial Rights Word Count: 3,001 
 Timothy W. Stonecipher Michael's Unit Tennessee Colony, TX 75886 Email: TimothyStonecipher@gmail.com 
 Terrorism at the State Level by Timothy W. Stonecipher 
 Strong title? Perhaps. May I make a request? Open for me , if not your ears, then your heart. I do not wish to come across harsh, or, to sound threatening. My intention is not to be unkind towards anyone. This is about the treatment of fellow human beings. Fallen? Yes. But nonetheless human lives. There is a problem! And this problem can effect us all. What is this problem, you might ask? The prison system. The Texas prison system to be exact. This system has become the largest, most cruel business deal in all America. The following will confirm this dilemma... What I'm about to share for your consideration are some detailed facts, many documented, many told from those who have experienced life inside the Texas prison. I spent twenty years listening, watching and sharing the details of what you're about to read... facts! The myriad of men and women whose lives have been or, are now locked inside the Texas prisons reveal the following: If a renewed willingness were to be established, Texas prisons, The System, could begin fulfilling its reason for existence: Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation begins with justice If justice were to be accepted, the second would likewise be acceptable: Punishment. Please understand, Oh, how I know there are those individuals incarcerated in Texas, and across the nation, who absolutely must remain incarcerated indefinitely. However, given the opportunity to prove themselves, the majority of those incarcerated in Texas can become productive, moral citizens of our society. Sadly, it's not happening! The Texas Legislature, law enforcement agencies, the powerful Judges, even the mass media within Texas, preach law, justice, and correction. I agree that this is needed. Those aforementioned, speak out of compassion for the victims of crime. And this too, I could never agree with more! But, to turn and build a system that is deceptive and merciless, one that only creates more victims? Tell me how this is wise, productive for society, or how is this rehabilitative? What I have learned and wish to present here horrifies me! For you see, what I have discovered - as others of various agencies outside the State - and wish to present here, is that there are many within The System who wish, this anguish to not just exist, but to grow! Sadly, each and every attempt to bring about change to The System, to do that which is only correct and right, have ultimately met in failure. Consider the David Ruiz case. Ruiz began his battle in the late 1970's. For twenty years the opposition fought the Ruiz team. And after this twenty year battle, the Texas tax payers lost over one billion dollars in revenue. What was it these opponents fought so diligently to stop? Two of the most important and urgent issues was health care and safety for those who live and work inside The System. David Ruiz asked for nothing more than what is afforded all federal prisoners. Why such a costly fight? Those fighting the Ruiz team could not have cared less about the victims they themselves created. Who were these victims? The hungry. Ministries suffered loss of donations. The Texas School system suffered financially. Meaning the Texas youth suffered at the hands of these careless legal opponents. More victims! Many who suffered were the most in need. Countless hurting were turned away at medical entities; all because of inadequate funding. This billion dollar expense only served to create a far worse system. Today many on the inside of The System suffer the repercussions of this billion dollar failure. David Ruiz passed away sometime back. The Texas prison publication, The ECHO, and a prison radio talk show praised David Ruiz. Why? Those in the thick of the battle were deceived. I am not implying the Ruiz case was a total failure. That would be untrue. Some good did prevail. Yet the Texas prisoners today face the constant fears of retaliation by the state paid officials, daily! Listen, it was discovered that from day one, beginning in 1996, the constant changing laws, rules, the formal and the informal procedures implemented, the politics set forth since the "winning" of the Ruiz case, has been termed by those left in it's wake, a "parasite". A parasite they say that deceives all those who support it, again, the tax payer. There are many men, women, and their families that have dubbed The System a "monstrosity" that has everyone even remotely connected to it fooled. Like David Ruiz, another Texas inmate attempted to correct the failures of another principal secured for the Texas inmate, which was won way back in 1988; but seldom practiced. Raymond F. Gross. But Gross was quickly tossed from the Texas courts being told his case was frivolous and barring him from any further chance at a hearing of the issues raised. A common practice for the Texas courts against an inmate who chooses to challenge them! I wonder, frivolous? Defined as unimportant, not serious. A potential second billion dollar war, unimportant? Not serious? Please help me understand this logic. Oh, those inmates time credits print outs I've seen reflect these agreed upon earned time credits for performance, by way of good conduct, shown in good-time, work time and trusty time. However, when an inmate, if an inmate is finally granted parole, in order to actually receive his/her earned freedom, by way of these time credits, that individual must sign back to the state all these hard earned time credits. This is the same as ordering you, or, I, when we retire, we must give back all earned salaries for the many years of service provided. It was told to me that those who refuses this crime, lose their right to that freedom. Yet this was a major issue "won" in 1988 for compensation for this good conduct and performance while incarcerated. Sadly, it is being flatly denied today for the majority. Those men and women who have set out to overcome their wrongs, who have strived to better the society they hope to one day reside in. All suffer mercilessly at the hands of the overseers of the Texas Parole system. The purpose of this parole system is all too obvious. This malevolent system believes in its right to supremacy, whose only concern is its-never ending-growth, thereby creating yet more victims. The antagonism of this parole system inside Texas, this enmity to human lives, uses and holds these individuals at their mercy through the authority of granting or denying the right (the earned right, by the way) to be released. The Texas prisoner has become no more than a state commodity, bought and sold at the whim of those in authority over them. If one of these remains a good slave (for that's what they've become), the aforementioned move these men and women about the state just as the slave owners in the eighteenth century. Many of these are moms and dads, with families to care for. Sadly, most remain caged, until they die, or rot! In Texas, prisoners are stripped of their dignity, self-respect rapidly fades. Self-esteem is ripped from their conscience like flesh torn from the body, by the jaws of a vicious lion, after one mistakenly enters its lair. In Texas, it has been told from ones own experience, an individual's identity is quickly and without mercy, filleted, moment-by-moment, day after day, until only few questions remain, "Who am I?" or, "what's the use?" After a considerable time inside the Texas prison system, an individual questions themselves, "What hope lies ahead for me and my family?" The Texas prisoner, regardless of gender, is treated like an idiot child! These human beings are forced to live among every known type of derelict. Inside the walls of the Texas prison, away from media view, one can be stripped naked at the whim of any official, male or female (female officers stripping a male inmate without a male official present - go figure) - this does happen! Some have described these occasions when their very being is looked upon with hate filled eyes as "dehumanizing." Others term it "demoralizing." Most don't allow the obvious contempt to which they are spoken with to alter their thinking, or belief about themselves. A man, or woman, shortly after arriving inside The System, learns very quickly, those who are in authority over them, would rather spit on them, than relinquish the thought they are still human beings. The wounds caused by these acts of hate only create ugly scars. Scars that never go away! Inside the prisons of Texas, an individual's very personality is continuously under assault. Those arriving inside The System find very quickly the necessity to shut off all emotional processors. Men of one unit retold of the witnessing the death of a friend - if one truly exists inside of The System. One very striking statement was, "This will mutilate your sleep process." All the men I spoke to agreed. One man finished the recount with these words," I thought I understood his troubles. We shared everything, our hopes for the future and of freedom one day, a new beginning. There he was hanging at the end of a bed sheet." Tears now building in all our eyes." He just couldn't take the loneliness any longer. His whole family rejected him." I was told. Then I realized there was now no future freedom for [Archey], or his child. "It affected me more than I might explain." James S. told me before he left for work. Others who witnessed this helplessness also expressed their feelings. "We could only watch as the medical personnel, that afternoon, cut the body down, allowing it to drop to the floor, with a sickening thud." They told how the others looked on these same "uncaring" medical staffers lifted the body off the filthy concrete floor and "simply tossed it like a piece of trash onto a gurney, echoing an aluminum clang." Then wheeled him - uncovered - past them all. with an expression that said, "your turns coming!" Yet, others told what it's like as they've watched as men's minds snapped under the need to know, "Does anyone outside even care?" or "Does anyone remember me?" Many, far too many, are left to cope with their failings in life alone. Families divorce, children lose interest, or worse, forget, and, are never heard from again. It is difficult to believe I can convey the reality of the anguish and horrors these fellow humans face daily. Upon the decision to write this article, sleep began to elude me. I have learned of at least two adages inside the Texas prisons, "Prison is what you make it." In a very narrow sense, this is true, however, no matter how hard one tries - and I am told many have tried - you cannot make a prison a resort. Despite all the media propaganda, prison is not a vacation! Living inside the Texas prison system - this hell hole - that has been established using multi-billion dollar budgets, is far from what you and I have been led to believe. The System, inside Texas, is maintained by slave labor - a crime in and of itself - saving the state of Texas millions of dollars each and every year. One inmate I spoke with described prison life this way, "It's like living inside a fish bowl. Here, you can't even use the toilet without an audience." The second adage? "Prison is a learning experience." Sadly, this is also true, however, the same can be said about a heart attack. Inside this system, one learns very quickly the definition of rejection. Men and women learn with a sudden thrust, what it is to become an outcast from society. There is a nagging question that haunts these individuals as they close their eyes in sleep, "Is there anyone who misses me?" In Texas, prisoners find it necessary to turn off many emotions so as not to be ambushed by memories. The Texas prison system is in such a financial bind - so they claim they can't see straight. There was found to be little wisdom within the ranks of the Texas prison system, or the Texas parole board. Rather than release the aged, or the multitude who have become medically disadvantaged - as is true in a number of units visited - many inside The System are blind, while others are permanently restrained to wheelchairs, yet, they remain caged. It was found to be true that Texas pumps literally millions of tax dollars each year into the treatment of dialysis patients, instead of allowing a family or friend of one of these patients to donate the needed kidney, Texas denies these volunteers, opting for the above mentioned waste! Could these monies not be used elsewhere, like public safety? The Texas prison administration, though research was found to act without regard to the needs - medical or nutritional - of the Texas incarcerated. There was also little managerial knowledge, or skill, with the staff who oversees these to whom I refer. If the Texas Legislature would but discharge the oldest half of the prison population, Texas would experience a major improvement in its recidivism rate. A factor that has kept many of those who have successfully rehabilitated themselves, caged only to age and die. But, I guess if we were to consider with honesty, just why this is so, like millions of dollars saved the state of Texas, by way of slave labor, why should they? I mean, what exactly is it The System and the Texas parole board members look at? Do they with any seriousness, consider the records, the advances these individuals have made? Do they consider at all the obstacles and barriers, the addictions that have been successfully overcome, and overpowered? Sadly, no! It is a simple question really, one not unknown by the inmates and their families. It's obvious! "Why should we release a good worker - one saving us tens of thousands of dollars every year we keep them - one who presents us with no problems, only to take a problem inmate from one of the vastly overcrowded jails across the state?" It is blatantly undeniable: the prison system is set on its future design and further growth. Using human beings as by-products, to profit and save untold millions. The Texas prison system and the Texas parole board, uses and manipulates the meek and gullible. The Texas parole system operates illegally - as does other state parole system - using emotional spears to taunt and destroy lives - again creating mass casualties. This parole system has set its sights on releasing only certain individuals, whom they seem certain will go out and re-offend, thus returning. This assures job security for entire communities across the State. The Texas prison system is designed to make money, and is doing so abundantly. Using human beings like a vegetable business. The men and women incarcerated inside Texas prisons have become no more than articles to be warehoused and enslaved until they are of no further use, or worth! Broken and worn, left without desire or hope, long since forgotten by family and friends alike. Hunger, humiliation, isolation, depravity, and injustice, are all a part of the Terrorism at The State Level. The twenty years it took to settle the Ruiz case, The Texas prison system is far worse off for it. Most who have taken it upon themselves to improve their lives, for the betterment of all society, find themselves left behind, many forgotten, left looking at what is, only as a reflection of what was. Forgiveness is generally never granted. First, Texas faced the Ruiz litigation, whose only desire was a doctrinal one, to compensate an individual for hard labor and achievements, is only fair, right, and a matter of constitutionality. Why deprive hard work and determination fair and just pay? What profit is there in propagating that you are attempting to rehabilitate and change lives, only to fail to grant recognition for these very achievements? Why is it Texas denies such minute humanities? It was retold by those on a medical unit - no less - watching helplessly as four men perished in the housing area to which they were assigned. In less than two years, these men died simply because medical personnel on the unit cared nothing whether these men lived or died. The doctor who was responsible for these documented deaths, was still employed at the writing of this article. This health care provider refused these men - terminally ill - their prescribed medications, or simply neglected them. Men described that to look into this mans eyes, "They were cold, empty, and without soul". Yet, the unit administration allows this evil to continue his genocide. Illegal in the United States of America. The men and women - the Texas incarcerated - watched and read all the print concerning atrocities that went on in the Iraq prisons. It was disturbing to them too. It bothered them for two very important reasons... First: the reports out of Iraq, the abuse, was perpetrated on fellow human beings. Second: The reports of this kind of violence, in The System the Texas inmates experience similar abuse daily! It is common, every day, way of life for these within the Texas prisons I am concerned over. It just never gets reported, until now! In closing, I have looked at the lives of numerous inmates that have been part of, or been subject to, or witnessed, the torments, bitterness, and hatefulness, of the Texas authorities. It doesn't require a long period of incarceration, to realize that the officials, whose paid position it is to keep one of these from re-offending - harming themselves or another - that individual learns very quickly that the Texas authorities would rather strike them, than look at them in a humane manner. You see! Terrorism does indeed occur at the State Level - Texas State!

Author: Stonecipher, Timothy W.

Author Location: Texas

Date: November 16, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 11 pages

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