Thank you all for allowing me

Watu, Ajamu



Title: Thank you all for allowing me Greetings APWA program 6-19-14 Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to send in an essay for your program. I am one of many New Afrikkkans who languish behind enemy lines, known as the SHU, (Security Housing Unit) which is an oppressive [illegible] that is designed to break the will of political prisoners who struggle to end long term isolation, in solidarity with others of the different ethnicities, and who all come from the inner cities. As you may know, we might have been criminally minded at one time, but upon entering prison we changed our thinking from criminal into Revolutionaries or Nationalist, once awakened to the realities of why we've been dealt a bad hand from the start and how to combat or challenge our conditions, so we can awake the next generation who follow down the wrong path in life. The powers that be, we call them fascist because they treat us with the gestapo police mentality of Nazi Germany, and place us in these concentration concrete tombs indefinitely, for reading and studying our history. Be it Afrikkkan literature Hispanic, Native Amerikkkan and other Marxist/ Leninist/ Maoist works they deem us a threat to the institution and others, for learning the truth about capitalism, this is the end result. We have had 3 hunger strikes over a two year period, a peaceful protest amongst all ethnicities to air our [grievenies?] and wake up the administration to our needs and how can we continue to be treated like this for no violent acts. It's cruel, & inhumane to keep someone in solitary confinement for 10, 20, 30, & some 40+ years for reading books, writing letters, or holding Think Tanks to discuss what you've learned, and teach others the struggle and sacrifices our ancestors made in life, so we wouldn't have to. We rehabilitate ourselves by doing so, and the end result from the Hunger Strike was pacifying trinkets of things we should've had a long time ago, such as educational classes, warm clothes in a yearly package and healthy food items and vitamins we can purchase from the canteen. Art supply's for those who like to draw and college course classes for those (who can afford it) to further there education and become productive citizens in society once they get paroled and return to their community to have a voice to take legislatures and get things done for the community based on the people's needs. There are programs we can get going that will take care of the elderly, with better health care, and affordable housing projects. Better schools that will do more than teach kids in their inner cities how to excel in life further than a fast food restaurant after graduating High School. These are some of the things we discuss in our Think Tanks, besides writing to activist and community collectives in society informing them of the need to change out conditions inside and out by challenging the system. Please! Send me more info about your program, and I'll also pass it along to others of liked mind. I hope to hear from you all soon. Respectfully Ajamu Watu a servant of the oppressed people...

Author: Watu, Ajamu

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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