Thank you for reading my portfolio

Maes, Michael



Thank you for reading my portfolio, I'm completely honored and humbled for the opportunity to reach out to my peers to help assist me in my pursuit for true justice, which has failed me dramatically. I'm currently awaiting death in prison, and the public's attention is desperately needed to shed light on this situation which provides a perfect example of what has unfortunately become a common theme in our country today. With the increasing momentum for justice and up-risings to dismantle the systemic status-quo, which has uncontestedly bound us for centuries. It has become vital for the assistance from the in£luencers and public figures who have the ability to lead real change. As I extend myself to those with platforms for personal help (with open communication), I also ·wish to help assist with giving comprehensive perspectives on the boiling down of the core matters and facts that humanity faces today. Without farther adieu, please allow me to introduce myself, as well as my current situation. My name is Michael Maes. I was born and raised in the bay area of Oakland, California. I am a father of two beautiful and talented children, who I consider to be being raised enlightened. I attended Oaksterdam University in Oakland, as well as local Berkeley college of California, where I studied the agricultural science of medical marijuana, and it's medicinal aspects and properties. Having a natural intuition with plants led me into the business of manufacturing infused healing crystal, CBD products such as lotions and other medicinal applications. I am a spiritually seeking person who thrives on learning and gaining knowledge, and with my evolving humanitarian insight, I have always been dedicated to understanding the highest spectrums of life, spiritually, scientifically, astrologically and GEO-politically. I love everything that nature has to offer, and enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultural perspectives. (CURRENT SITUATION) Having never before been in prison, I am now currently incarcerated at a level-seven federal penitentiary in Atwater, California, where I am unjustifiably serving a "LIFE" sentence for a victimless, nonviolent offense that I factually did not commit. I was extradited from California to Mississippi, where I was wrongfully convicted on a superseding “drug conspiracy" indictment, based solely on the (proven) fabricated testimony of four life long friends who esi ebunates against me (a person from California that they have no ties to), in order to get their sentences reduced by inventing the claim that I was their supplier. With no video, no audio, no controlled buy and note that could remotely or definitively prove their claim, I was still unfathomably convicted, and heinously sentenced to life/death in prison. As shocking as this was to my being, I remained optimistic in my pursuit of justice, only to be incredibly disappointed by the latest revelation from the courts that nothing was corrected or overturned after exhausting my direct appeal remedies. After this life-altering experience of being exposed to these forms of corruption, I now feel that it is my duty to ring the alarm bells on my situation and other's situation similar to mine. Never in a million years could I fathom the possibility of being in this situation, but with understanding in my Creator, I've aligned myself with the bigger picture, of my being a tool for the awakening and correcting of the justice “system that has become systematically flawed/fraud. I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity to open the doors for the public's help. I truly feel that this is an ideal case to expose the injustice taking place in America's criminal justice system today. I hope that whomever reads this can feel the sincerity in my words, and can potentially spark the action needed to righteously overturn this rongfull conviction, for it has always been the most important principle of the U.S. legal system that it is worse to convict an innocent person then to let multiple guilty persons go free, and has been stated many times including by Benjamin Franklin. With gratitude & Respect, Michael V. Maes

Author: Maes, Michael

Author Location: No information

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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