Thank you for this opportunity to expose

Teen, Antrell A.



Thank you for this opportunity to expose and express my experiences since incarcerated. I was a working professional, small business owner for 17 years collectively prior to incarceration. I would not have believed the things I've seen and experienced if not for the first hand experiences. Once experienced, the experiential knowledge, then a understanding, then a decision is made to conform or fight I've made a decision to go against the grain and fight. Jesus Christ as my propitiator leading the way I daily walk by faith. Pro se I've filed multiple complaints in the Southern District of Illinois District Court raising and exposing unconstitutional conditions of confinement, See Teen v. Nichols 3:18-CU-00997-JP6, Teen v. Germaine 18-CU-1262-JP6, Teen v. St. Clair County 17-CU-594-JP6, Teen v. Smith 18-CU-995-JP6, Teen v. Brandy 18-CU-13-JP6, Teen v. Smith 17-CU-916-JP6, Teen v. Germaine 18-CU-996-JP6, Teen v. Kerry 17-CU-918-JP6, Teen v. Aramark 19-CU-195-JP6; The purpose is transform this system built in error. The systemic deficiencies that affect the incarcerated violates vested constitutional rights of self and others. Officials take a blind eye, condoned, and furthered these deprivations. Reform is needed, I advocate for change, and will keep you informed of my progress. Peace & Blessings

Author: Teen, Antrell A.

Author Location: Illinois

Date: October 8, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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