Thanking my team




"Thanking My Team" 9-23-18 Well, its football season again and already teams are vying for supremacy across the leagues. Rejuvenated high school, college and professional establishments are now emerging from the shadows as the new powerhouses of today, with their fresh game plans and versatile players. The old dynasties, who was once synonymous with winning for so many years, are now imploding under aging players/coaches, outdated playbooks or controlling hierarchy. Far from the action and deep within my solitary unit, inmates aggressively argue back and forth about who's squad is hot and who's squad is not - almost to the point of mass hysteria. Even so, I find myself spinning this excitement of change in our beloved pastime, to the shift of progress being made in society, as a whole. Using football terminology to express my scenario, I would like to introduce a team to be reckon with... team solidarity! Affectionately known as "the solids". You see as part of this team that consist of players from "both sexes", "all" races and "any"age - we have come into this serious game of universal justice with fresh legs of ideas ourselves, that challenge the strong arm dogmas of "thee establishment". From taking up new positions on the offensive line of awareness, to formulating a precise defense for social change... we're all doing our part to move the pile, despite being sacked myself by the dirty player that is the P.I.C... resulting in a injury to the cause, for I will be sidelined for the rest of the season (* I'm on solitary status for #18 mos.*)... My teammates have shown good sportsmanship by wearing my jersey number symbolically and flashing props (*letters*) in the stands for the crowd (*my oppressors*) to see. I would like to take this time-out to streak across the field and thank you all for your support, encouraging words and soul-quenching Gatorade. Oops, there's a flag... Everyone's mental security just blitzed me as the image of my buttocks flashed on their jumbo-trons! I'm being escorted off the field of play now with a yard long smile! Ha! Let's resume play, shall we? As we zigzag and dart between the tackles of oppressiveness and sprint and juke away from the clutches of defeat, let's continue to move blockers out the way until we touchdown on every play of social justice. The favorites are still drawing up schemes that use to work, but the underdogs are running up the score now and we won't stop! As long as we continue to huddle-up and learn our routes we can finally score on key points we so compassionately champion for... a level playing field for all! Of course, there is still those old dynasty owners of oppression who we're scrimmaging against in overtime, but their in a fantasy league of their own if they think we won't go for it on fourth and inches or won't make a goal-line stand for what we believe in. "The solids" will not only persevere on this winning drive, but we will also find more fans rooting for us to win. How can we lose when the world is watching, and becoming more aware of the many penalties we face for being steadfast in our push for change? People are glad to be out there cheering us on today and their attendance at social awareness pep-rallies and pep-talks is growing. No matter what cause you suit up for - stay focus, play your position and we will indisputably come out victors! Continue to "go out there and show 'em what you got" - despite the titles they have. Our championship is on the horizon and we will "all" be hall-of-famers for the positions we played. Big movements, small movements = it's all about improvements! Go solids go! Autographed by, Ezziac W. (*underlined words italicized*)

Author: Ezzial

Author Location: Florida

Date: September 23, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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