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Bauhaus, James



Thanks for ocassionally writing about James Bauhaus Thanks for occasionally writing about the prison/crime problem from the POV of the officials who cause/profit from it. How about trying one from the POV of one who's suffered/studied it from the inside for over 45 years? The politicians and bureaucrats are great at having their speech-writers coin cute, vote-catching terms and concepts for them like "Smart On Crime!" and "...mad at; afraid of...". Trouble is, however, 'smart on crime' masks the fact that they are still perpetrating the exact, same anti-sense, anti-science strategy of simply spinning out the short-timers/petty criminals faster and faster. This strategy actually encourages these lucky young punks to perpetrate more, worse crimes faster. Instead of learning about consequences and discipline or impulse control, they become a gold mine for the cop/lawyer/(corporate and state) prison systems as they are recycled to become an ever more costly burden upon taxpayers. Slightly slowing their drug war on marijuana is smart on crime, but it is also merely being tardy noticing which way the windsock blows. Meanwhile their prisons, particularly these corporate profit prisons are full of cheap tobacco, trash 'meth', bath salts, crack cocaine and opiates, yet the DOC stealthily shut down its minimalist drug testing program. Why? Because it was too effective! It showed that almost all of these young punks are on drugs. They call their Moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, etc, and regularly scam them, crying, "Send money! Quick! Or the gangs will kill me!" It's easier to give these young punks time off for good behavior when you refrain from catching them at bad behavior. Who wants drug addiction taught in prison instead of mandatory school and paddling, and then have them thrown out to become addicts to drugs and the crimes used to pay for it? (Selling drugs, usually, but also theft, robbery and occasional murder.) Prisoncorp profiteers and the politicians they buy, of course. So; what would a moderately intelligent citizen propose as a solution? Take people who profit from crime out of the equation; mandatory school with paddling; punishment of more time for crime perpetrated while in prison; drug tests to detect some of this crime; use the prison cameras to prosecute other prison crimes, (robbery of other inmates is rampant); drug test sewage of each prison and target the ones with the worst drug smuggling crimes; provide tools and incentives to mitigate these crimes; audit everyone who has been trapped in these prisons for 30 to 50 years and let them (us) go instead of the recidivists (young punks). Science and common sense shows that the ones who are not coming back are the ones who have the most to lose, having the least life left to lose. Export the ones you throw out after 40 years to other states if you are afraid of them. This will provide an extra layer of excusability to the prosecutors and guards whom the politicians and judges let enjoy their no-parole parole-board sinecures. (These desperadoes sent their parole interviewer to offer a parole to my cell mate 5-days before he discharged! (G P,) Your parole board is a costly farce! It is fit only for enriching people to do little to nothing.) See enclosed letter. This "scared of/mad at" paradigm should not be parroted to the public while the real slogan is more along the lines of "Public revenge/political gain." I hope you will use this and other information on my site ( and elsewhere to lower the crime rate/raise the education rate, for the betterment of all. Poverty and lack of education causes more crime than drugs do. cc: jb net et al Sincerely, James Bauhaus et al

Author: Bauhaus, James

Author Location: Oklahoma

Date: January 27, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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