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Chavez, William



William Chavez Arizona [No Title] Thanks so much for writing back to me. so now i have a essay on file. So today id like to talk about loneliness and being stuck in the hole for long periods of time. it's really damaging to the mind. Growing up i was always lonely even when i was around family and friend's i still felt alone why i don't know or i didn't know back then now im stuck in prison i have 10 years i just did 5. And out of that 5 years ive spent 3 and a half years in the hole. i have 18 months until i get out but i have to do good. My experience of being in the hole is real lonely, sad, long depressed day'z. But ive found ways to stimulate my brain and not just reading, writing, talk and getting in to the word of GOD there's so much more ive come to learn i no longer just read to pass by time. i read and i take in every little thing and learn from someone else's experience. i also write down all the word in a book i do not know how to spell. Also good lines and quotes, i can use in life. i also write poem's RAP's and i just started drawing Although im not good yet. But that's not all i also make up games and puzzles i hate math so much but now i come up with math x+-= problem and the reason loneliness and solitary blend together for me is because when i was outside i thought i was lonely but when you do 3� years in the hole and counting, Then that's when you know real loneliness. But by the Grace of GOD i never lost my mind. At least 17 hour's out of the day i stay busy. i stay so busy i no longer think about loneliness. Just remember your mind can be your best friend. (like for me) or your worse enemie. Transcribed: 2017-01

Author: Chavez, William

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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