That’s perfect

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



By: Richard Atkins, Jr. #----- ~Essay~ 10-21-18 "That's Perfect" I believe in a God, so I don't burn bridges. So for all of my enemies, I apologize for not being the bigger man and not collided with you. But, what you have to understand, is that I'm not just a convict, but I was born to be a patriarch! My African-American mother taught me to die for my beliefs. So I've never lived a life of wealth and Farraris; I came from the slums and feel in love with the struggling aspect of life. It keeps me real strong, and I'm a warrior to heart. Being born in the ghetto, keeps you in tune with life and death. I watch my back 24/7 to get a feel on life everyday. I'll be the first to admit, I have many flaws. But I try to give em that game-property, diamonds, gold and wealth tip. Them four things will have you living bigger than the United States... I had no choice but live gutter, or just die like the rest of the suckas. The dudes that was too cool to duck. Not me. I've always respected the fact that I don't know what the next person is really thinking; you only hear what they tell you. So I keep my back to the wall, and am now trying to build a global brand! LA PRINCE GLOBAL, INC. will possibly be one of the wealthiest companies ever. My every need, to sit back and watch the Richard Atkins, Jr. Show. That's my every need. That's how I stay focus on the future empire! I have so much material, from urban novels, to a children's book, a vampire book, a couple music books (hip hop & R and B, a little country too) philosophy, clothing line and investment plans. And that's oh so perfect. Everyday in prison, I see a certain amount of individuals who have to be told to do the same thing everyday. Like during 4:30PM count; every inmate throughout the prison has to stand up and be counted by the C/Os. And you have these guys that have to be told to stand up. I don't get that at all. As for myself, I don't cause no waves. I simply let these people do their damn job. Just don't come bothering me about anything. My mind state is LA Prince Global, Inc. and any thought or information not coinciding with benefiting that title; I'm not really trying to hear that non-sense. I'm sorry. But my life is very, very important to me. So I can't allow some non-sense to penetrate my business thoughts. When I'm sitting alone or with company, I'm always thinking about LA Prince Global, Inc. and my future. The wealth, the company I keep, my family, friends and love ones..... Life is odd at times, but so am I at times. That's not a stalemate either. My brain is just always at work. I think I'm a compulsive thinker. I could be wrong, but I really don't think I'm wrong. I study myself a lot. 'Cause I try to eliminate all of my flaws. How I try to better myself everyday. In my heart, I'm a good person. And I'm giving and caring to those who are living by the same principles... I think of my beautiful mother pushing sixty years soon; who's out in society breaking laws! My counselor told me in her office. Blew my mind; that my mother was out there committing felonies at her age. But I told myself, my mother had raised her four children to adulthood, so she can do whatever she wants really. Who are we to judge her? I was just a little concerned, 'cause her ex-husband died at the age of 46, from him jumping into the fast life at such an old age. When I heard my step-father was using ecstasy and coke, I was like, damn. The next thing I knew; the family told me that he had a heart attack. So I knew that I wasn't on the wrong track. 'Cause I've always told myself to stay away from hard drugs, period. Now, I came up using marijuana on a daily basis. But I've never tried anything else, except for alcohol... I pride myself on being a strong man; a strong black man, who's going to change the world, without the world stopping me! I was born to lead some part of the world; so ima lead a few industries! And when it's all said and done, I'll rest in my casket-sharp... P.S "That's perfect"

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 21, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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