The alias of the strawman

Burley, Keith L., Jr.



THE ALIAS OF A short poem on government Keith Lamont Straw Man: A third party used in some transactions as a temporary transferee to allow the principal parties to accomplish something that is otherwise impermissible. Black’s Law Dictionary When he set fort facts and presented non-frivolous claims, they called him frivolous And took aim at the straw man- an up against the law man. When he said that his claims are the functional equivalent of a Monell claim, And quoted the Supreme Court’s repeated holding on real party interest being the entity represented and not the individual office holder, They called him ‘malicious’ and targeted the Strawman, The back against the wall man. When he said the prosecutor turned persecutor and sought justice outside the bounds of the law, They wanted the judge to sanction the pro se, in forma pauperis, general prior pilgrim, and tax the Strawman, The win, lose, or draw man. The rabbit hole sunk deep, and they tried to keep sleep, The public perception, Set flames to the Strawman, The one who had to crawl man. When he demonstrated claims cognizable in habeas, they gave alias to their Strawman, Whose words would reach the city hall man. The pilgrim prodigal, A paranormal paralegal, Let reason envelop the case, Whose face was pimpled with prejudice, So they sought to kill their Strawman, The one that said no one is above the law man. Worse them removed from morals, From the square and replaced it with vice a black hole, Whose commercial and economic pull, So strong the values would not escape a parallel prosecution they began to plot against the Strawman, 20 The opinions expressed are of the authors and not necessarily those of Graterfriends. THE STRAWMAN Abuse and overreach Burley Jr. The one who had to dig more deep with a claw man. He found a needle in the haystack, Then thread, Then a sewing machine whom some then held in awe man, And watched as he morphed into the stitch together the law man! Drug task force agents, Pa Parole Board, State Troopers held captive the I-79 man, The Greene County, Mean county, The 24 hour lockdown artificial light man, For doing what is right man. So when he beamed the first amendment, they lean to the fifth and now respect their Strawman, Whom at 5 foot 6, They cannot help but see as tall man. Then they say he’s a rebel for saying the DOC grievance system is a flaw man. They swung with the fictitious at the Strawman, He who subjected his statements to the penalty of perjury 28 USC SS 1746, And declared that the DOC is now an ideology of eccentric misinterpretations of the constitution. They call it rehabilitation, But they only wanted to brainwash the Strawman, The one who says since they did that to you, They would do it to us all man. They shackled the Strawman, Poisoned the Strawman, Falsely Accused the Strawman, Beat him with the bureaucratic bilous, And awoke surprised, To find that he was still a standing tall man. 21 The opinions expressed are of the authors and not necessarily those of Graterfriends.

Author: Burley, Keith L., Jr.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2023

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 2 pages

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