The asylum

Best, Desmen



#1 Poem: The Asylum I'll Never Be Able To Heal From The Mental-Trauma/23-Years Of Torture, And Oppression, Constant-Drama/It's An Undescribable-Transition/From A State Of Independence, To A State-Prison/Keeping One's Head "High", Requires Navigating Tribulations, Turmoil, And "Turbulence"/Consistently Reminded When I See Tall-Walls, And That Bob-Wire-Fence/During Any Prison-Stint/Trust No Man, Always Remain Vigilant/It's A Difference Between You And Me/Blue And Green, Their Dull, Boring, And My Mentals Acuity/Transcribe My Thoughts, Emotions, And Actions/Construct Them Like An "Architect," "Building" Without Clapping/Overseers Don't Possess The Ability To Empathize/We're All Monsters, Animals, And Insane In-Their-Eye's/But They Wouldn't Survive, 12-Hours In Our Shoes/Whites #2 Poem: The Asylum Quick To Quote "Alexandre Dumas", Til They Realize He Was "Black", Fools/Consecrate Your Souls, And Pray To The Holy-Spirit/To Protect You From Demons, And The Evils, That Come With Making [crossed out: 6-Figures] 6-Digits/Despite Past Thoughts, And Apprehension/It's Our Will, Drive And Being Persistent/Refusing To Give-Up, Give-In, And Being Consistent/Not To Mention, Defying The Odd's, To Be The Voice Of Resistance/The 5:45 AM Bells, Lock-Downs, Searches, Hourly Light Flashes, All Play On Our Psyche/The Fondling Of Family Members During Visits, Stolen Items From Packages, And Mistreatment, Done Precisely/To Torture, Kill Our Vibrancy, And Overly Oppress Women & Guys/Two Strangers, Forced To House Together In SHU's, Done To Institutionalize/Beating Inmates To Death, #3 Poem: The Asylum In Front Of Other Inmates, To Instill Fear, It's No Disguise/For Us To Get What We Got, Men In Attica, They Died/Right Now, As I Write-Heads/Screaming & Yelling, Fighting & Cutting Each Other, With Home-Made Knives-Dread/We All Suffering From P.T.S.D. Some Use Drugs, & Others Take Psych-Med's/Corrections Not Correcting, Their Making The Bad Worse, & The Worse Just Suppressing/Built-Up Anger Their Release When Released, & Society Finds It Perplexing/It's Not The People In "The Asylum", It's The Ones Running It We Need To Be Addressing. By: Desmen Best Desmen Best

Author: Best, Desmen

Author Location: New York

Date: 2021

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 3 pages

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