The awakening

Mujahid, Shakkir T.



The Awakening By Shakkir Talib Mujahid In the darkest depths and deepest shadows of the black hole of unconsciousness; a Man’s soul can fall to the valleys of the soulless and the illusions of a distorted consciousness. He thinks he can see but his vision is nothing more than illusions, deceptions, fantasies, nightmares and delusional dreams... He has eyes, yet he cannot see. He has been so blinded by the emotions and desires of envy, jealousy, lust, hate, power and greed; that he doesn’t understand that it is Love, truth and the consciousness of light that will set him free... Some wander in the darkness of the unconscious night, even after having the consciousness of vision and sight; they think that they are prepared for its vast esoteric and cosmic insight; only to get lost in this limitless flight; while unfortunately losing their ability to recognize that something’s are best left in the dark until they are really mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for its glorious truth, wisdom, and light... There is great responsibility that comes with obtaining the keys to this Wisdom, Understanding and Consciousness of darkness and the light. You must understand that it becomes your duty to become an agent, teacher and a leader who instructs, guide and free the people from the darkness of unconsciousness and the chains of mental, emotional and spiritual strife. . . It can no longer be “lt’s all about Me”, your vocabulary must change to “It’s about Us, It’s about We.” If you don’t commit yourself to that which is pure and mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually right; this wisdom will dishonor you, have you delusional and punish and destroy you for your disrespect and hypocrisy with all of its power and might... So, if you are blessed to move from behind the veils of darkness into the consciousness of light; know that it takes great faith, patience, commitment and persistence to remain spiritually awake. If you fail in your preparation; know, this is not the path for those who are mental, emotional and spiritual fakes. To travel up its highest mountains and deepest valleys and remain tranquil, humble and safe; you must study the paths taken by some of its spiritual greats. That’s when you will understand, respect, appreciate and honor the dignity and responsibility of being mentally, emotionally and spiritually awake...

Author: Mujahid, Shakkir T.

Author Location: Maryland

Date: July 7, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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