The beasts within (just what the ___ is this!)

Carroll, Richard W.



The Beasts Within (Just what the ___ is this!) Wesley Carroll Unlike any other state that I've lived in, Pennsylvania appears to be the most hate inspired, racist and/or hate possessed thus far. Let me begin by just giving you some true life examples. Within its so called criminal justice system under the heading of war on crime, here is what you see. Minorities are at least 20 times more likely to be charged with committing crimes as compared to those who are within the majority. You can actually observe those who are in the majority committing crimes yet watch in horror as the "system" ignores it and or covers them up and on many occasions will place the blame, guilt and conviction upon a known innocent minority person. There have been thousands of real physical assaults done by those within the majority, who get away totally free without prosecution, charge or jail time and in most cases, assisted by those employed within the so called criminal justice system (who are once again a part of said majority). There was even killings done by those within the majority upon those of the minority, that law enforcement actually covered up and for a long time claimed to fail to see any criminal act, until many of the minority brought international exposure of said crimes to the worlds attention. yet this same said criminal justice system should be better classified as a hate organization being funded by our own tax paying dollars. just note further for example, all of those people (most minorities and children) who have recently been killed, by the police! The real tragedy is more like, "...their hunting & killing humans of color." Further note, Pennsylvania's, "kids for cash" cases (involving a corrupt judicial system, corrupt judges, false imprisonments, etc.), "porn gate" (featuring again corrupt officials, corrupt judicial system, corrupt criminal justice system, who further went after the state official sworn to uphold the law and those who know, ...), Pennsylvania states (Penn State Univ.) Sandusky plus (over 20 years of) child molestations, etc., ..., and ...

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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