The behavior of the employees and the mentalities of the inmates at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II



The Behavior of the Employees and the Mentalities of the Inmates at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex 
 By: Ricky Pendleton c/o: #[ID] - One Mountainside Way Mount Olive Correctional Complex Mount Olive, WV 25185 
 I know we as inmates have done wrong in our lives to be warehoused in places like this. However, it doesn't give anyone the right to treat any of us like animals. We are all a product of our environment, it had failed us as a people. It seems to me they had plans for us to be in a place like this. The 'powers that be,' does their tallying up and if we are not reading at and elevated level then the categorizing begins. They start it as early as the 3rd grade, if some are not reading at that level, they are projected to be in a Prison in their lifetime so this is what they use to develop new prisons and jails. They are banking on the future judicial revenue by observing the tomorrow's children. I start with the Employees, their behavior is the scared factor first and then once they get familiar with an inmate they are in a comfort zone, even though they do have one eye open. There are that employee who doesn't have a life in the outside world and seem to vow to make the inmates days in prison a living hell. They love their ranking, if they have rank they seem to not want to leave the Prison. It doesn't matter if their family life is in shambles, they will be in this prison. I see the female employees are scared probably from the scared tactic the administration indoctrinates them with. They are very open when they are inside the fence. To me having a job in here is like daring toward them, like a deaf defying stunt. Really, you have to ask yourself or ask them, why would they consider working in a place like this prison? Since being in this prison more than ten female employees have been fired for being involved with a inmate. Even to mention there were some male employees who have been fire also. All for reasons that the administration would say inappropriate relationship with an inmate or bring things inside the prison to give to the inmate such as cigarettes, DVDs that can be played in the video game console etc. Yes! We inmates can buy video games to occupy our minds, more like pacify. The administration doesn't like it when employees go out their way extensively to do things for inmates. They call those employees 'Inmate lover,' a derogatory phrase they use amongst each other, do you see the bias? It's us against them, there is a division and I understand it. Especially, when it comes to black inmates we don't have anything coming. They don't want to do anything for the black inmates, and we pretty much have to fend for ourselves. Even though they hate all inmates, they will still treat the caucasian inmates with a little more privilege and favoritism the black inmates see daily performed in our faces. We don't have a complaint that they will hear either. They are concern with the mentality of the black inmates, you know, all of the stereotype about us being so aggressive, pants hanging off of our ass, (well, some of us), being involved in a gang etc. Some of the employees are financially challenged and this is the only job they can get. There are the lazy employees who don't do anything, one counsel on the Paugh Hall unit is lazy, he plays solitaire and chess on the computer all day long. He then gets upset when he has to do service for the inmates. There are some lazy females too, setting around on the computer tweeting all day long until their shift is over. Most of the employees are overweight and do have big bellies too. The female employees try to look pretty with caked up make-up on their faces. How ironic, they don't want us to look but want people to look at them and would accepts compliments from inmates, some would be overly flattered by all of this attention then become egotistical in a delusional way. Lets me go to the mentalities of the inmates including me. As for me, I am like this I go fight my case, then when it available as far as scheduling goes, I workout and I eat healthy making that attempt toward a better health. I pretty much have a boring life in this hell, according to these devils, but I am preserving myself in this hell. There are others somewhat like me, trying to fight their case. The mentalities of some of these inmates are very disturbing. I see guys with defeated mentalities and are miserable as hell, they don't want anyone to be happy while in this place. They complain about everything. They would inform on anyone employees included. Lets say an employee does not do what their job description call for, that inmate would tell it to the unit manager. All day long, they would do this without hesitation. They would complain if the food is too hot or cold. Then there are those homosexuals who would go around trying to get trying to find 'a man,' who could take care of them, whom has money. These people have the mentality like a 'house wife.' They go around acting like women and they gossip all day long they never miss a day either. Now if there were new female employees working in this place they would try to do whatever to get them fired. There were two female employees working in the kitchen and an inmate with others who were homosexuals sabotage them by getting them to open up and get them to play with them. These homosexual inmates though they think they would not get into any trouble because the administration knows the inmates' sexual orientation. They even condone it for the most part. Anyway those employees were fired after three months of employment, because of the jealousy of those inmates who are homosexuals and they hate when these females are employed here because they hate when they hear heterosexual inmates speak about those real women. Then there are the young inmates from eighteen to twenties, and they are the product of their environment. They would have their pants hanging off their ass and not knowing how to speak would say the 'N. Word,' all day long. They are very aggressive because unable too properly expressing themselves. They try to avoid the older inmates who would provide them with understanding some would begin correcting their ways and actions some don't and become the product of this environment. It's a mental thing in places like this. Inmates begin to think more about family, women etc. For the most part, we are somewhat embarrassed by being cast in a place such as this prison. They're idle minded don't know what to do, most don't know how to read and the trust factor amongst inmates is very low. People choose to not fight their case and accept the sentence even if there is a possibility of some type of relief. It's a gloomy place to be in when you don't have any constructive approach toward being positive especially when experiencing negativity all your life. Lastly, there are the model inmates according to the administration, who tries to forget that they are in here. They play the part, talk to employees like they are one of them. They get so bad they start treating other inmates like second class citizens. Oh, how they forget that they too are inmates first the administration looks out for them with favoritism, so they think that they are better than the average inmate. Those model inmates will get the best jobs in prison. They would inform if need be. This is ongoing and there is more information for next time. I see more prisons are being built and more people are being cast in here just to help the economy of a struggling county grow so the politician can speak on tougher sentences on crime and more jails and prisons for more revenue. There are prison Correctional Officers who are very hateful and they would put an inmate in a situation to cause pain to that inmate. They would take advantage of and abuse their little authority that they have over the inmates. Some Correctional Officers have been fired for such a evil practice. But they don't get fired as often by their actions. They think that the Court system and the society don't like the inmates so they can treat us anyway they can. The inmate doesn't have a voice, so they think. They continue treating inmates in a disrespectful way. An inmate had won in a lawsuit for being beaten by several Correctional Officers in lock-up while this inmate suffered a seizure. Two Correctional Officers while on camera beating the hell out of an inmate was fired recently. They do their dirt in the lock-up area away from general population. Now it seems that a race issue had develop in this area. But, I know there are inmates who are afraid to go to population or be transferred to a medium level prison because of what they had done in their crime. They would start everything. They would play this race thing to put a label on them so they will be placed on administrative segregation (a twenty-three hours a day lock down in a cell). The inmates for the most part loves to be pampered, with no bills to pay, no responsibility, they are living it up. I will address this at another time.

Author: Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II

Author Location: West Virginia

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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