The black lives matters movement is a complete waste of time

Elliott, Andre



Andre Elliott Maryland The Black Lives Matters Movement is a Complete Waste of Time Micheal Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri at the hands of a white police officer last year served as the catalyst for the birth of the Black Lives matter movement. Subsequent to Brown's death there have been other high-profile police involved killings of Black citizens at the hands of white police officers. As an African-American male from the Bronx, N.Y. I sincerely understand the deep mistrust of police officers patrolling urban communities. The so-called war on drugs created the toxic environment compelling police officers to effectuate mass arrests while, simultaneously triggering chaos in mostly poor Black and Latino neighborhoods. I've come to the inference, it will continue unabated thanks to the entrenched status quo. I write this essay from a Maryland prison cell, surrounded by a bunch of misguided, impulsive urban Black youth primarily from Baltimore involved in street gangs who don't value their own lives. Most of the behavior I witness daily around here involves immature individuals without direction and proper guidance, lacking self-control due to anti-social behavior which serves as the premise of their impulsive, violent behavior. On any given day, especially when individuals become inebriated, fights will break out, sometimes homemade weapons (shanks) are tossed in the mix. Just the other day a bunch of cowards jumped an individual and viciously stabbed him. Provocation isn't necessary, just looking at someone the wrong way can trigger a fight. Most white so-called liberals refuse to acknowledge unchecked fratricidal assaults and occasional homicides that occur in prison, and on the streets. Instead, they have jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, and now are calling Black politicians to accept and endorse their full-throated criminal justice reform policies. Black people in Maryland need to understand, as well as Black people residing in urban hellholes nationwide, that liberals are the main reason why that Black mass incarceration exist, but everytime I turn on the news I hear liberal pundits loudly excoriating conservatives for being insensitive and racist towards Blacks and Latinos. They're a bunch of delusional hypocrites. The immeasureable level of aggressive behavior exhibited by Blacks towards one another is attributed to cowardness and internalized inferiority. Limits on living life is deeply instilled in their brain, and in their limited understanding they feel more comfortable attacking and killing one another than engaging in practical unity to compel real and lasting change. What's deeply disturbing to me is the high volume of assaults on elderly people at the hands of Black youths. The old adage of respect your elders isn't observed by Black youth, because they lack knowledge of the past. They are constantly told "Don't worry about the past worry about the future things have changed." There's another old adage if you dont learn the lessons of the past your doomed to repeat it. In this present day we are witnessing the aforementioned. In conclusion, the Black Lives Matter movement means absolutely nothing until Black people snap of the collective slave mentality, dissect, analyze, and produce feasible solutions to stop the Black on Black assaults and killings, the medias dehumanizing of Blacks will continue, therefore rendering the Black Lives Matter movement as a complete waste of time and energy.

Author: Elliott, Andre

Author Location: Maryland

Date: October 18, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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