The breeding grounds

Payton, Charles E. Atiba Bomoni



The Breeding Grounds Writer. Charles Payton Date: 3-24-20. Chippewa Correctional Facility (here in I.D as URF) is using it's facility as a testing ground to spread life threatening diseases/viruses. Dear World I'm writing to bring to your wareness the type of inhumain treatment that is being inflicted upon the prison population here at URF, as well as to seeking you all's help in stopping such practice before it's to late. I've been at URF since October 2015, and every year there's been repeated break outs, and (Purposely) spreading of life threatening diseases that affects the lives of this prison population. Acording to the webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, Quarantine is definded as follow: "1. a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. 2. a period, originally 40 days, of detention or isolation imposed upon ships, person, animals, or plants in arrival at a port or place, when suspected of carrying some infectiuos or contagius disease. 3. a system of measures maintained by governmental authority at ports, etc., for preventing the spread of disease. 4. ...6. the detention or isolation enforced...” The staff here at have been doing the opposite of qarantining the sick prisoner from the healthy prison population in order to prevent the spreading of the diseases. In fact they've been performing a practice that can be classified as an experiment on how fast they can spread a disease to a mass group of people. The Prison population is isolated from the general world beyond the prison grounds, this protects prisoner's from interacting with the world in a way to get infected with the common diseases that the general world comes into contact with. So the only way for a disease to affect prisoner's is: 1. By way of the limited/controlled visititation from family and friends, and 2. By way of staff contact, which is on a dailly bases. Facts: Correctional officers come into the prison setting sick with a virus, and thus gives it to the prisoner's, by way of constantly performing searches of prisoner's body and cell searches, while coughing and sneezing on prisoner's and their personal property, or coughing and sneezing onto their hands and touching prisoner's, and other functions that involves shared touching of diseased contaminted iteams. This causes prisoner's to become infected with whatever the diseases the officers may have. Once a few prisoner's report the illness to prison health care department, and it's confirmed that the few prisoner's have a serious disease, they send the prisoner's back to-their cellblocks, and the prison arrange to have the whole cellblock of thoses individuals quarantined, along/mixed in with the healthy prisoner's, for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks is up the infected prisoners is allow to interact with the rest of the prison population. But the problem is: 1. The 1 sick prisoners spreads the sickness to other prisoners in his cellblock through the contact that he has with them. If no one reports having the illness soon enough (which alot of prisoner's refuse to report a illness due to not wanting to be locked down, cause health is care inadequate), the quarentine is lifted, but if there's reports of the illness spreading in the cellblock, then the quarentine is extented to another 2 weeks. 2. Once the 2 weeks is up; without farther check up's on the sick, the prisoners is allow to interact with the other prisoner. And every time/every year, that I've been here, the other cellblocks of prisoner's end up catching the disease, and the same process is repeated until there's more then 5 prisoners in every cellblock has the illness, that was brouht into the facility by the staff here at URF. In 2018, I cought a disease from a inmate, due to being locked in URF's, unit-B, with a prisoner who had a disease, this caused me to feel like I was about to die. I was ligh headed, had hot and cold fleshes, I had to force myself to eat. I had to drag myself out of my bunk, due to feeling almost unbearly weak. The same type of illness, and even worser is spreaded through the process explaned herein. In 2019, I asked a nurse: after a outbreak of a flu-like illness, and one of my Cubies gat sick and my cell (of 8 prisoners) was called over to health care to be asked if we had the symptons of the illness: "Why is it that they are locking the sick prisoners down within the unit's with healthy prisoners? Ain't a Quarentine is when the sick is isolated from the healthy in oder to stop the spreading of the disease? The nurse agreed that my self answering question, was correct, but stated that staff here is the ones that’s calling the shots, and not health care. It was revealed that a prisoner fron Kinross Correctional facility was hospitalized from the coronavirus, and that19-24 prisoners that came in contact with him is now quarrentined here at URF's segregations Unit. We now fear that the same common process of systematically spreading diseases is gone be repeated with the conronavirus. If so, results is that alot of us is gone die from this ill practice. This, along with the fact that the all white staff here is constantly getting away with racial discrimination against the 95% Black prison poppulation here, make one have to ask: Is this another act genocide againgst the the black population at URF? We don't have real health care in here, health care remedy for every illness reported, is to drink lots of water and take pain pills brought from the prison store. We nee you all to spread this info call your state representives, the governor, the MDOC Director and any one that you think can help and complain about the ill-treatment againgst us. Please Help, our lives depend on it. Charles Payton P.S: I’m now at another prison but the same type of behavior and mentality is displayed

Author: Payton, Charles E. Atiba Bomoni

Author Location: Michigan

Date: March 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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