The Carroll systemic plan for saving billions of taxpayers’ dollars

Carroll, Richard W.



The Carroll Systemic Plan for Saving Billions of Taxpayers' Dollars Copyright (c) 2016 by L.A. and W.R. Carroll 
 Three Words: Stop Pork Barrel Spending! Note Below: 
 1. Eliminate the entire Parole Board, its systems, agency, all infrastructure and all side businesses etc., making millions off of the ex-offenders plight. Allow the so called offenders the right to complete their minimum sentence in prison allowing the maximum to be dropped, expunged (grace relief), imposed ONLY if the offender is ever sentenced again to a term of imprisonment. 2. Filling up the prisons with alleged parole violators is societal suicide. Allow them a chance to really breath and do right by us all. 3. Make this a "Right to Work" state, where wages are drastically reduced, pensions and costly benefits, eliminated, or cut by ½. An ideal example: Commonwealth State, Virginia. 4. Eliminate all profits made from the prison or lock up ideologies. This is and should be more so a service to mankind and not the new way for others to make billions of our tax payers dollars. Note the "kids for CASH" scams, many more still ongoing. 5. Allow every citizen a job, no matter what their criminal background checkup may state. Be willing to give them a job if they so seek it. Allow them the right to dignity by supporting themselves and family by working and truly earning a dollar. 6. Eliminate all restrictions of being an ex-offender. Allow them to breath. They have paid their debt to society. And know that in many cases they may not have been able to afford proper legal counsel, thus imprisonment. 7. Make it illegal, a criminal and civil CRIME, for anyone, company, group or agency to profit from the criminal justice system of imprisonment, parole, probation, etc... 8. Make it a mandatory stipulation that in order for ex-offenders to receive expungement of their maximum sentence, they must maintain employment for at least 97% of their release time back into society. 9. Permit those ex-offenders who had worked five years or more for the DOC while imprisoned the right to buy into (at a reduced rate), the same medical insurance as the prison staff has. This further being the Right Thing To Do, since while imprisoned working for all those years, they received ONLY pennies per hour worked and most times NOT EVEN $1 for a whole day of hard labor. 10. Again, in doing the Right Thing, allow the ex-offender the right to employment within all state jobs, including correctional, parole, probation and others, as was done years ago. Most times you will find that they are more qualified, motivated, capable and far more knowledgeable. 11. Allow ex-offenders the right to fully reintegrate back into society by also permitting them (as other candidates) law enforcement academies and positions within law enforcement. 12. Make all state paid employees, accountable, responsible and liable from both the criminal and civil arms of the law. Thus if they receive a paycheck and have not been honestly fulfilling their duties as determined from an independent state accountability office, they should be criminally and civilly prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 13. In the vein of Doing The Right Thing, pay those who are Actually Innocent, Wrongly Falsely Imprisoned, etc... A good start would be to pay at least $120,000.00 per year of said imprisonment, per person. a.) As stated above and more, make it mandatory for every prosecutor, cop, judge, etc., who knew they were prosecuting an innocent person, mandatory imprisonment of at least ten years plus a fine of $120,000.00 per year of each year the innocent person was forced to do behind bars. 1. Make it a crime for anyone (including prison employees) who in any way conspire to or take part in destroying evidence that the imprisoned may have to prove his Innocence claim. Make their prosecution mandatory with at least five years to life imprisonment plus a fine of $120,000.00 per year of the ones they so did this to. 2. Add additional punishments upon those employees and others who do any of the above two further because this is additionally a fraud perpetrated upon the courts, entire judicial and criminal justice systems. It prevents truth from the courts, thus travesties of justice, tyranny. 14. Enact new laws designed to help prevent wrongful prosecutions and hold prosecutors responsible. 15. Make prosecutors work hard to identify and investigate claims of innocence. 16. Exonerate the innocent behind bars as quickly as they imprison them. a. Honor immediately claims where convictions were based upon no biological evidence or mistaken identification. 1. If the prosecutor did not present true tangible evidence, place him behind bars, prosecute, immediately release the innocent. b. Now there is no confidence in the legal system to protect the innocent. The above helps to try to bring it back. c. Now, there is no guarantee that the innocent will not be executed or die in prison. 17. Require that all evidence in a criminal case be fully disclosed and if hidden by the prosecutor or police, they are to be jailed and prosecuted for suppressing exculpatory evidence, etc... 18. Exonerate, Pardon, and or Grant Mr. Weasley R. Carroll, an Actually Innocent crime fighter, total state immunity and appoint him as a special agent of a newly created state accountability agency, that will be in charge of finding and eliminating the many thousands of sources of illegal financial frauds being done daily that costs millions of taxpayers dollars monthly. Pennsylvania is now in a near state financial emergency due to excessive extreme pork barrel waste and frauds of billions of taxpayers dollars which come state out of the state budgets. Such formation of said new agency will guarantee on average at least several millions of dollars being placed back into the Pa. budget with those officials and others being vigorously criminally and civilly prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (including RICO, and trust, bribery, kickbacks, frauds, extortion, payoffs, extortions, etc., types of crimes). It is so clear and blatant of the egregious out of control spending and frauds being done with billions of Pennsylvania taxpayers dollars, now missing from the state budget. This special division (agency) is guaranteed to save the state, taxpayers millions of dollars and make such an out of shape grossly corrupt operation of government, more efficient, accountable, responsible, and honestly lawful. Also, one of the requirement of this new agency could also be that each be dedicated to its cause and receive a hourly salary of no more than what the current minimum wage is. There would be no pension, no union involvement or participation, and given a term of employment to last for one year with the possibility of renewal yearly, not to exceed seven years. Respectfully submitted, The Carroll Systemic Plan for Saving Billions of Taxpayers' Dollars Copyright (c) 2016 by L.A. and W.R. Carroll [20160115RD5] [20160208.1]

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: October 25, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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