The challnges of physical and psychological survival

Jarnigan, Shannon L.



[no title] Shannon Jarnigan Nashville, TN The challenges of physical and psychological survival are a major problem in prison. The physical survival is challenging due to numerous of reasons. To be physically fit you have to be mind strong, working your body out on your own time. The prison were I reside barely offers any recreation time for the gym, ballfield, or exercise programs. It is all a show for inspectors or, to meet ACA standards which is federal fundings. The State of Tennessee fails to meet any standards. When you are not offered any physical activities you become lazy which can cause health issues. If there was recreation where inmates could exercise, play games, play sports, or walk there is still a issue due to the food quantity, quality, and service. When any food served is not fresh fruit or vegetables, and not even suitable for zoo usage explains how inmates are treated as animals and worse. All food is processed and packaged food for institutional and zoo use only. How can any human stay physically fit for survival if you do not have food source with nutrition? You basically starve with no energy and pray someone sends you a few dollars so you can buy some food on commissary, although the selection is not healthy. For one to keep a physical presence takes a toll on trying when it should be given. Its a shame that for a human being to have such a struggle to maintain a physical fit as well as a appearance. Psychological survival varies from person to person. First and foremost no one knows what each individual person has lived through, experienced, treated, or abused. Its almost as if you have to walk around on egg shells from the unknown. Truthfully it is sad because instead of offering mental health and hospitals the system simply dumps the mentally disturbed in various forms as a dumping ground in the prison. There is not appropriate doctors, staff, or help inside a prison for mental instability. Speaking for myself from my past abuse I tend to deal with things differently and emotionally than others and this is no place for that, nor is there any help to deal with my issue. Psychological survival is scary, and indifferent inside wires, walls and razor. Physical and psychological survival in prison is deadly, scary and definitely not told beyond the walls. When will there ever be help for us? We are still human beings.

Author: Jarnigan, Shannon L.

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: December 20, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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