The cleaners

Bourgeois, Jean



"The Cleaners" When using a term such as "The Cleaner" it often refers to one connected to the mob - a portrait of a ruthless gangster or vicious hitman. This is the image in novels, movies, and T.V. It is usually the job of "The Cleaner" to take care of a situation by making it go away. Only one who has nothing to tie them down, who keeps to themselves an who personifies stealth can be hired to do the job of the Cleaner - eliminating a mess of a sloppy, careless and unprofessional agent who has screwed the pooch. This is the reason such employment exists. Even government agencies utilize "Cleaners" to cover up catastrophic blunders. Think Jason Bourne in all those Robert Ludlum novels. I can elaborate on this subject at length, but that is not the purpose of this tribute. When I think of "Cleaners," I think of two upper-echelon gentlemen in God's kingdom here on earth. Both are in prison for what the world, society, and judge would call felons. I say that's callow and lacks adult sophistication. The first of the two, Ryan [redacted], was wrongfully convicted of double-murder because he decided to do the noble thing and keep his mouth shut instead of being a "snitch." However, Ryan is a walking, talking, modern-day Moses who preaches and teaches the word of God with the authority of Nelson Mandela while in an Arizona Department of Corrections prison. His Godly influence there is uncanny! Ryan has the charisma of Denzell Washington, the swagger of Michael Jordan, the articulation of Elon Musk and the body of a Greek God. Born from the mold of Leonidas in the movie 300. There are people who have faith the size of a mustard seed, and for that they are called mountain-movers. To me Ryan is a beast of a man. He is true and living proof that God exists. He is the personification of one of Jesus' miracles, yet so many choose to ignore what they've witnessed. Ryan has two goals in life; 1) to live out the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and 2) to be a witness of God's grace to unbelievers by exemplifying the first goal. His efforts at clemency and in the court of appeals have all been to no avail, but as most would fall, break down, give up, and be utterly discouraged, Ryan's faith assures him that God is in control and his will is being done. He is a living miracle like unto David from the bible, who is described as "a man after God's own heart." Only such a man could endure such a life in prison. Ryan is relevant to the world, even after 20 years behind bars. The only way this is even possible is via the God that lives within him. No mere flesh and blood could achieve such a feat or endure such defeat. The reason that this tribute is so important for me to share with you is for the Glory of God. This is a pantomime with hands raised out of honor in concert with my christian faith and may be even spirit-lead and God-breathed - who knows? My mother says she named me after John the Baptist because she knew I would share God with the world in my brash, bold and warble style. But she never mentioned that John died a horrible death for the love of spreading the word of the Lord with the world. But this is much larger than me. This is about two men who never waver in their faith, no matter how bleak this side of the cage can get. For those of you who have never been incarcerated, good for you. But you should know that it's a very fine line between sin and a mistake that will cost you years, between doing what seems best and knowingly committing a crime (neb 10:26). Take an honest look at your own life before cast the first stone (JN 8:7). Without God within you, you may be quick to say, "lock 'em up and throw away the key!" Remember, it is God who forgives and the devil who accuses. There is work to be done for God on both sides of the razor-wire and Ryan is doing that work in prison. Though, for whatever reason, the judicial system doesn't want to give Ryan any relief. He will continue to live a righteous life and witness to the lost until that glorious day when God brings him out of prison! To the state an inmate is just a number. For example, my ADC # was [redacted]. That's the number of individuals that the Arizona penal system has incarcerated when I was processed in. Ryan has witnessed too many of these throughout his sentence, and that's what I mean by "The Cleaner" - he cleans up Satan's mess and makes the world a better place. The prison system needs people like Ryan because improving the community is not their forte. They put people away by the droves and tell the public, "we are protecting you," so as to make them feel safe. But that's not why Arizona has over 46,000 people in prison (not including jails and detention centers). They are more concerned about money made in the private sector off of the huge cash-cow called prison. Once the gavel comes down, the gate is locked and one finds themselves in a human-warehouse that is anything but humane. Welcome to the house that Satan built. If it were not for strong disciples like Ryan [redacted] and the second guy I think of when I say "The Cleaners," Jon [redacted], I believe the devil would have complete control of the penal system. I've read through the bible several times and have reached the conclusion that, if God were to allow an addition, the two men I've just mentioned would be added. I strongly believe that when Jesus said "make disciples of all nations" (Matt 28: 28-30), he was speaking to all of us. Ryan and Jon have done this with zeal and passion. Now Jon, he is a bright and shining light who I admire and look up to. I'm honored to be both his friend and his brother in Christ. He is one of the most intriguing people I have ever met. He reminds me of my dear friend Dave [redacted], who was also a young star that lit up a dark day by just entering the room. I find myself in awe of this young man and sometimes I can't take my eyes off him - it's like I'm staring at perfection. I guess you could say I get star-struck, which is not easy for me. I've been around so many celebrities in my life, and when you've seen one you've seen 'em all. But Jon is different. In the eyes of God we're all equal and, in his view, we're all special. But to me Jon is not just another bright, talented and highly handsome young man. He is truly a leader in Christ. He would have no issue proclaiming his faith in Times Square without hesitation. He's as rare as they come, or shall I say, "rare as a steak in prison?" In the kingdom of God, no one is more important than another. We all have a role to fulfill that shall glorify the Lord, but in my eyes, I lionize Jon for the simple fact that he carries the cross well. Furthermore he has the discipline of Bruce Lee, the heart of Rocky, and the looks of Tom Cruise. He's viscous in every way. He definitely stands out among the non-believers as a mountain-mover for Jesus (Matt 17:20). There is no dissimulation in him. I've always been forthright and I will never apologize for that. You could say I am honest to a fault. In the eyes of the lost and the prison system, me like Ryan, Jon and the third man - Dennis "the tongue tamer" with myself, we are a visage to them - just animals in a cage. They may even say acrimoniously, under their breath, pick an animal - wolf, vulture, cat, or a pigeon; we're just numbers with no name. Not to me, though. Their opinion doesn't matter. We are dauntless with fortitude which explains why so many are jealous and envious of Ryan and Jon. I don't quite understand it, but that's what it is. People revile them. It's like this, when you think of an honest, good and true Christian, what do you think of? I think of God or at least some cute, smiling child. Something good at least, right? Why wouldn't you want to be like God? Ryan and Jon do. They are the epitome of the Christian life and the poster- children for walking in the world and not of it! Very few people are renowned in my eyes. I have just two handsfull - that I can name. Ryan and Jon are on that list. I truly believe that they are within the lambs book of life. But, before they are added to God's history book, they will make a crucial impact in this world. (Remember, I said it first - before they make the movie about these two.) True believers (those who believe the word of God) know that God will put us in situations in which we may have to make a choice between life on earth or death for Jesus. For instance, if we were asked to deny Jesus and live or don't and our head will be severed, I know deep in my heart that we would choose death. There are no William Wallace betrayers here. We are not going to deny Jesus as Peter did. Peter's denial of Jesus was a part of God's will, and I'm sure if Jesus said we'd do the same thing, we would. But He has already laid down His life for us and, as soldiers for Him, we will lay down our lives for Him, as well. I'm not sure what all God has in store for me for the rest of my life, but I do know that God has given me the strength to carry out his good name by writing the truth whether I get persecuted for it or not. This tribute to "The Cleaners" is dedicated to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jon has been moved an average of every 18 months to a new prison complex as God uses him to clean up units around the state. If everybody in the prison system walked like a true Christian - like Ryan and Jon - penitentiaries would become obsolete, because when you live the Christian life not only do you follow God's laws but, by proxy, you also abide by man's laws. Hence the term "The Cleaners," all praise and glory goes to Jesus. It's the least we can do for him. We strive to make the world a better place than it currently is. You can shackle the man, but not bind ones love for Jesus. May he grant freedom from prison. In Jesus' name. Amen. 11-5-2017

Author: Bourgeois, Jean

Author Location: Arizona

Date: November 5, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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