The consequence of COVID in the criminal justice system, and it’s toll on the American psyche

Burley, Keith L., Jr.



[Drawing of a person wearing a prison jumpsuit, holding their head in their hands. A thought bubble above their head reads "... AM I GOING TO DIE IN HERE DUE TO THIS DEADLY DISEASE..."] THE CONSEQUENCE OF COVID IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, AND IT'S TOLL ON THE AMERICAN PSYCHE. Written By: Keith Lamont Burley J.R. Keith Lamont Burley Jr. 12.28.20 As the corona virus continuous to spread in the materially negative direction it has, the moral compass of many people seem steered in the same direction. The most tell-tale sign is the deliberate indifference displayed towards the value of the incarcerated citizen. I've witnessed prisoner's become visibly sick due to the virus; some never return to the housing unit; and credible reports have been authenticated regarding the deaths of the inmate's who were virtually defenseless against the disease. Without exaggeration; my housing unit, a block, a wing, at the state correctional institution in Marienville Pa. is more akin to death row than a general housing unit. This is since prison has now metamorphised into a death trap. State officials are always sure to mention "underlying causes" so as to pre-emptively avoid litigation in court. I, as a pre-trial detainee emphasize the 14th amendment due process VIOLATIONS triggered by covid and the 8th amendment cruel and unusual punishment which is palpable in it's wake. I'm trapped and cannot escape or distance myself from the VIRUS potentially consuming me. I LIVE IN ANXIETY AND A CONSTANT STATE OF INSECURITY ENVELOPED by the UNDENIABLE THREAT to my HEALTH. AS I WRITE, THERE IS AN UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT ON MY LIBERTY, YET MY concern is NOT SOLELY DIRECTED TO THE PLIGHT OF THE PRISONER, BUT THE CITIZEN'S WHOVE ALSO; IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD; ARE CAPTIVE TO IT'S CONSEQUENCE. As A Nation, AND WORLDWIDE community who crave security, we must acknowledge in our hearts that kindness is of the most effective remedies known to man. The Black Lives Matter, the white red and blue ... each and every hue lives matter ... the prison lives matter, the guard, the inmate ... and were an alien to land from outerspace, their lives no doubt matter. To leave me in this prison without a conviction, without any parole violation, and without a single misconduct, is an attack on my psyche - IM AS SUCH A VICTIM of VIOLENT CRIME! I could write volumes on the issue, I'll suffice for now to say I am ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN fighting for my freedom from this contemporary concentration camp style detainment. EACH AND EVERY INMATE HAS A SUBSTANTIAL LIBERTY INTEREST TRIGGERED BY COVID which no doubt entitles one to some level of constitutional protection. I will lobby continuously, and if I die in prison, due to COVID; I were killed in a criminally negligent manner by those who couldve granted me relief, and I WANT THEM CHARGED WITH MURDER. Anyone willing to help ORGANIZE a strong unit to put forth these cognizable claims for relief to our government, contact me at: SMART Communications Keith Lamont Burley JR. [ID number] [address] Keith Burley Jr. 12/28/20

Author: Burley, Keith L., Jr.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: December 28, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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