The COVID-19 murders of Arkansas

Brownell, Charles A.



THe COVID-19 Murders of Arkansas P1 FD A dangerous killer is running rampid in the United States and the rest of the entire World. The killer is so fast and is causing mass panic. Countries shutting down issuing stay-at-home orders, closing many businesses as each country watches their people die, some by the thousands at the hands of this predatorial killer. In the United States, this killer was first brought up on the news in February and it is now May. The killer still runs rampid killing thousands daily forcing People to deal with the loss of their loved ones. The killer... a strain of the Coronavirus discovered in 2019 officially labeled COVID-19. For most of the U.S. Citizens, the Pandemic started February, 2020 onboard a Cruise ship that originated from China. The killer is out for anyone it can infect orgination rumored to be Wuhan, China. The World watched as thousands die in other countries. Being close to eachother is how it spreads and ships, prisons, open spaces, crowds are all dangerous incubators of infection and death for the people because of this contagious killer. President Trump issues, reluctantly, a "Social Distancing" order, then shutdown orders... again very reluctantly. The Country slows nearly to a standstill. Today in the World, multi millions are infected and hundreds of thousands are dead. In Arkansas, Governor Asa Hutchison was resistant and reluctant to issue "Stay-at-home" orders just like Trump and was resistant to issuing "Non-Essential Shutdown" of business. Only the "Social-Distancing" was an order promptly issued requiring all People to be at least 6 feet appart from eachother. That is for all People except for the People Incarcerated as Prisoners in the Arkansas Division of Correction Prison Units. ADC "lables" the prisoners as "Inmates" and "Monsters" and view them as worthless "slaves" using and abusing the Prisoners as slaves. P2 Feeling as if they're above the law, the Arkansas Division of Correction, formerly the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) deliberately ignores the Presidential and Governor's orders for Social Distancing because their wards are Inmates and Slaves, not "People" in their eyes. They can treat Inmates however they want. ADC houses majority of Inmates in dangerous, unconstitutional and unsafe open barrack with lack of security measures to protect Inmates and their belongings. The Inmates are usually four feet or less appart from eachother in overly crowded barracks packed in like Sardines. This has been deemed unconstitutional since the Federal Rulings of many cases including Holt v. Sarver 309 F. Supp. 362, Finney v. Arkansas Board of Correction 505 F.2d 194, Smith v. Norris 877 F. Supp. 1296, Smith v. Arkansas Department of Correction 103 F.3d 637 and is continued "deliberatly" in proof of "deliberate indifference" as per case Farmer v. Brennan 114 S.Ct. 1970. Arkansas so willingly violates U.S. Constitution, its own State Constitution along with federal law and its own State Law, why would they listen... ADC is worse than the State! ADC's answer at Varner Unit in Grady, Arkansas is to move the rowdy and troublesome Class IV inmates out of 1 and 2 barracks. These barracks are Class IV barracks and they're "converted" to COVID-19 "Quarantine" barracks. The rowdy and troublesome inmates are sent down the hall to all other barracks including Class I program barracks. 1 and 2 barracks are then filled with New Intake Inmates from out of Arkansas County Jails. ADC is far more concerned with getting their precious "blood money" and maintaining a full facility of slaves than the "safety" and "health" The COVID-19 Murders of Arkansas P3 FD of the prisoners (their precious slaves). These "quarantine" inmates were brought in then Varner Staff didn't even keep these Inmates quarantined. Varner Staff brought them down the halls to the pill window, to the infirmary, and many other places of the facility and did not sanitize anything behind them. ADC Staff even moved these inmates all over the unit into other barracks and transferred others to other units all to bring in more new intake inmates. Varner also continued to move Inmates from barracks to barracks, running all activities of mixed barracks, even chow call was mixed barracks packed into the chow hall. Only the GED program called "School" was shut down. Suddenly in April, Senator Director of ADC, Wendy Kelly (Liar and Lap dog for ADC) is on the television at the State Capitol giving a "BS" speech about how families are contacting ADC concerned about their loved ones in Prison facilities. She then tells lies about how ADC is "protecting" the Prisoners and there haven't been any complaints. In truth, many Grievances were filed in multiple ADC prison facilities about living conditions and dangers and lack of protection in the unconstitutional open barracks and the fact that there is no social distancing and nothing being done to protect the Inmates. The Guards were no Face Masks and none had been issued to the inmates yet. Inmates are forced to live in giant incubators in danger of infection of COVID-19 and death. A legal suit is filed against ADC as a Class Action by 11 Inmates against the Varner Unit and ADC itself. ADC quickly starts to run only a single barracks at a time to the chow hall and issue all Inmates cloth "COVID" masks under force to use the mask P4 or face Major Disciplinary action. Nearly all programs are all shut down including religious services. Only "work" or "slave" duties are continued and kept going. ADC and Varner Unit continues to bring in New Intake Inmates and to move Inmates around the facilities from barracks to barracks. ADC's Riverside Vo-Tech instructor John Chapman tells his Electricity Class that Wendy Kelly told Vo-Tech to figure out how to make Vo-Tech classes work or else be layed off. Again, it is all about ADC making money and not the safety or health of Staff or Inmates. ADC officers contract COVID-19 then suddenly boom, there's a huge outbreak of infection at Cummins Unit with hundreds infected in only a couple of days. With WellPath for medical, it is like having no medical personnel at all so there's no professional medical assistance. Late April into early May, Inmates at Cummins Unit begin to die from COVID-19 and several officers at Varner Unit contract COVID-19. Cummins Inmates riot and then ADC and Governor Asa Hutchison use the News Media to lie about the living conditions showing cells and footage of a County Jail barracks. Asa Hutchinson when asked at the State Capitol about it lies saying that the conditions are good, the Inmates are fed three times per day and checked on regularly. An unseen person asked about the riots and stated that in History, every time Cummins Unit has rioted or brought up things about conditions it is because of bad things ADC is doing to them. See previously mentioned cases and the movie Brubaker. Asa Hutchinson proves the vile evil and corruption of The COVID-19 Murders of Arkansas P5 FD the State of Arkansas who houses over 18,000 Inmates due to their overcrowding practices by claiming they're going to release inmates. ADC is to release 1,400 Inmates of whom shall meet the criteria of being non-violent and non-sex offenders of which only 1,900 Inmates meet this criteria. So now Governor Asa Hutchison and ADC hold the power to choose who's life holds more value! Then ADC sends Inmates home only to turn around and bring the exact number of "new intake inmates'' righ back in to fill the place completely defecting the purpose of releasing those people. Oh, wait... ADC sees them as slaves, as Inmates not People. So ADC is perfectly ok with forcing Inmates to get COVID-19 and to kill them. The Randall L. Williams unit (RLW) in Pine Bluff, Arkansas now has a COVID-19 outbreak in the Inmate population. Inmates are dieing, many staff members are out because of Contracting COVID-19 and an Inmate released was tested and was infected and brought back to prison because he has COVID-19 despite being released from Cummins Unit... He committed No Crime, so ADC can now lock up released prisoners just because they have COVID-19. ADC has shown for years a consistent carelessness and disregard for the wellbeing of their slaves (Inmates). Just go through these cases given in a previous paragraph and watch the movies Brubaker and White Lighting. Stop letting Arkansas lie about the living conditions of confinement in their prisons! Stop allowing ADC to turn People, loved ones, into slaves for their benefit! Stop letting Arkansas and ADC use, abuse, torture, and murder your People!, Your Family!, Your Friends!!! P6 Stop allowing ADC to force the People into slavery and oppression. Stop allowing ADC to Force the People into illegal, unconstitutional, barbaric and archaic conditions. Open barracks are dangerous and unsafe as well as being COVID-19 incubator death traps. These are the dark days of the COVID-19 Murders of Arkansas and all at the hands of ADC and Governor Asa Hutchinson of whom force Inmates to contract COVID-19 and die from it which is not part of their sentence and violates the sworn oath to serve and protect the People! (See included pictures of open barracks at Varner)

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: June 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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