The dark cloud: From prison with care

Morel, Richard Brocatto



The Dark Cloud From Prison with Care When a person is arrested, regardless of the reason, regardless of being guilty or not of the crime, a horrible dark cloud starts to form in his or her mind. Dark cloud of anger, pain, sorrow, or desperation. All due to the uncertainty of his or her destiny that scares the accused to the very deep of his or her soul. As we the accused go through the legal proceedings, the dark cloud gets darker, threatening with bursting and tearing us apart. [If] found guilty, the dark cloud takes possession of our thoughts, of our being.... But, it is untill sentencing that it burst, giving us the cruel sensation that we have been crunched down, that every eye on the world is looking at us, judging us as something worth less than trash. Our loved ones, believe that the imposed sentence is the worth that could have ever happened to us or to any one accused of a crime. But they have no idea how wrong they are, or how wrong that thought is. As we are sent to prison, our fears, nerves anger and pains starts to calm down, we start to see clear, that regardless of everything that we have gone through the storm from the dark cloud has just begun to fall upon us. As time passes in prison, we can feel how everything and everyone vanishes from our life. Most of all, we lose control of our very own life. To all of you out there on the free world, remember that he or she, who one day not to long ago, understood your troubles, your pains and your sorrows, made you laugh or cry, gave you love, or advise and was a part of your every days life, for good or bad...still loves you and now, needs you more than ever. We (the prisoners) do not ask you to build your lifes around our pains and sorrows, we just ask not to judge us or believe that [if] it would have not been for our error(s), life would have been different or better. Remember, no one knows what life has for us behind a "if." If any of you out there, could understand the beautiful feeling that embark us, when we receive a post-card, or a simple letter that ensure us that there is some one out there who still love or at least remembers us. Do not let the dark cloud rain up on us. We already have the law making us feel the dark cloud imposed upon our soul. Our real dark cloud of punishment comes to us, as we become forgotten from you. Remember us, as we will always remember you. To all prisoners, love your family and friends even after they have forgotten you. I do love, remember and pray for my loved ones every day. And I have been forgotten. With love from Centinela State Prison, because I care about my fellow inmates.

Author: Morel, Richard Brocatto

Author Location: California

Date: August 14, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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