The dead man’s hand

Whitecell, Davy



1 Whitecell is on File.... The Dead mans hand 2-22-20 Well its early on the Sabbath I've been wanting to write for days but Ive been so bussy. Most of my free time was spent drawing last week Valentine's Day the bussiest time of the year for me you see I do custom card's, greeting cards I did one for Kamala D. Harris the United State's Senator of California but I think this year she is feeling indifferent toward's me? I wont go in to to much detain but she ran out of money! and I dont hang out with broke people! even if I go belly up I've always got Chapter 11, or 13 ect. But I've never had to file any such claim! when your good name is draged thru the mud like some chump! you learn to take it one day at a time and just put it in Gods hand's a perfect example is the institutional mail I recieved last night. From the GED class teacher in a simple computer generated text basic font paper asking me in a telling me warning way or else that I'd better show up to be tested for the TABE test. That is the "Test Adult Basic Education. we'll since I last took this test I recieved a 6.6 grade point level since I just did the old fast time's at Ridgemont High, Spicolle on the test and pulled my shade's down low and sat back day dreaming about surfing and being interviewed by Stu Nahan for winning the D.P. open as I sat there filling out the score sheet with my golf pencil! Thats short for we 2) the State of California dont trust you scum bag's with a whole No. 2 pencil for the test. here's a 1/2 a pencil to work with to bear down on with your finger tip's to make you as uncomfortable as possible to remind you where the fuck you are you scum bags prison your wicked evil felon's and deserve nothing from this State not even a whole pencil to test with. I have flash backs of being in Ian Caster Court in late '18 and 2019 when the judge ordered the transport C/O's and bailiff to take my Bic pen from me in court and issue me 2 golf pencil's because a recess durring jury selection for my so called criminal threat case which I recieved 21 year's on for nothing more than flipping the Bitch the bird, "AKA middle finger. Ill call her Bitch for now on cause like the media dose they say that they don't wish to glorify the guilty people or give the mass murderer's the air time by reporting their name's over and over in the media so like you all said about mentioning names for libel reason's I'll just call her Bitch cause it take's a very sick bitch or female dog to make up a lie and to keep up the fraud all the way to open court even to get the District Attorney Matt Allen, in lancaster to try a case to convict a innocent man me. can I mention his name since he was a public official who was more interested in my background and wanted to impeach my witness that he did impeach his 3 own witness a one oaka bora can I say her name? Since it's in the transcript and is now case law and fact open to the public for review, even the fact that the clerk of the Los Angeles County Court @ Lancaster signed and dated under the penalty of perjury that she did truthfully dictate the trial court transcript and in fact when I explained to the D.A. my answer's to his question's some were nothing more then word salad or composed to look like jibber ish - when in fact I did state my father was a member of the A.B., the air borne @ Kentucky Fort Campbell. we wont go in to Daddy Dearest background cause he is dead! And if it was not for my stupid ass always tring to play super hero dear old pop's may have lived longer of a life but because I went and put in some work with a L.A.P.D's heater I ended up in the slamer durning the exchange of weed pulling in Laughlin Navada in 2002 at Harrah's Ca$ino. Between the Hell's Angel's and Mongol's M.C.'s me I'll say this about that! Hello Eddie! Harrah! Casino Royal Hollywood Night's it's been a while! Anyway's I have pretty much given up gambling for ramblen' about passed events to which my closest friend's just tell me I have the blah blah's cause they call me Bubba Bubba. Its kinda funny though you gotta laugh, only cause the almighty God is no respector of people, yet people them selve's demand respect. Me and mine we 4 tend to treat everyone equal just like shit that way we dont expect any favoritism or recieve any special treatment, especially in prison in California where everyone is a fucking spy for the State and if they say there not well if they are employed by this State the last thing they are going to do is lose their job over little old inmate's or convicted felon's and will at all cost's bury you before they will go down with the ship just ask the Bitch as well as all those who played her game and are now back pedaling to save there own asses they will at the very least hang their heads in shame as my very God and Lord and Savior puts the spirit of truth opening the Lion's Den and closing the mouth of the Lion as I speak the truth in the year 2020 not just about the abuse of myself but the misconduct of so many other's to cover with spirits of evil lie's to keep not just me but 1,000 bound for nothing more then profit! Sick ass world! law enforcement, asshole's in CDCR these so called pillar's of the community doing a bang up job keeping California safe? From whom you must ask? The lie's told in the name of safety and security of the institution's well here we are back in Donavan State Prison in San Diego California after being gone for almost two years for self protection shit just the other day I was jumped on by someone it was called "psycho" or "csyco" a Greenlight gang member W.T.F. what ever that is he felt it nessicary to punch me in the face while I saw it coming since he is nothing more than a puffed up dope fiend, that died in 2018-19 and ended up 5 in the back in ad/seg with me along w/ his boyfriend/girlfriend wheelchair bound gay tranny whatever no offence to transgender's but with a nickname like Jokey "thats Jokey" and psycho, on a medical & mental health yard where is all the healing taking place its a slap in the face to the tax paying voter's to see how the State protect's these certain individual's by giving them the run of the prison to conduct nothing more then 459 p.c. burgarlie's in prison cell's when someone a inmate is hauled off to the Hospital or to Ad/seg for something their property is then collected and inventoryed on what the state call's a 1083 form this form at the time is a written document by a state employee normally a correctional officer, that at the time of you removeal from your program, inventory's your property. There are two ways to do this, just like in any small bussiness their are always two sets of book's the one the C/O write's and stick's to as truth and the one we as prisoners have to inhere to as rule's set by state mandated law in our tille 15, Rule's & Regulations set forth at the Directors level of the State of California. The only problem with that, we as State prisoner's have to appeal every thing on paper on a 602 form when something is done that adversly affect's us and our program like half your personal property missing that your family may have bought for you over the year's. your own people become sick & tired of hearing your t.v. was stolen or broken ect just the other day my new nabor went to pick-up his t.v. and it was broken. very common just like the threat by transport driver's when your on the CDCR bus warn you you talk on 6 there bus, your property end's up somewhere else, period. These are warning's for the asshole's that cant sit still and just remain sitted and enjoy the bus ride the music on the pre determined radio station to sublemially mind fuck you all the way to your next local. oh they like to KISS Keep It Simple Stupid's and state in paranoid that the prison guards are plotting against me? But hey the only paranoid I know is a Ozzy osborne album from many many moon's ago and like I told the tower just yesterday he didn't have to play with my cell door by jacking it off Im not a dog in a kennal Ill take it in since I was ducted to Mental Health yesterday @ 1:00pm to see what was a [clinianca?] appt turn's out to be a class but I had to go back since I wasnt on the group list for the meeting!? I thought I wasnt gonna be invited in since every transgender on the yard was there then me. But the C/O said I wasnt on the list so I had to go back!? W.T.F. I guess only trannies are aloud in trannie's group's sounds like discrimination? Reverse discrimination? Kinda like reverse racism. I just dont fit in anywhere these day's remind's me of the good old day's like a old Ozzy song I am Iron Man" the story of my life since I've been socially distorted since the begaining of time all these new fangal tall tale's they dont work on me! I still call them like I see um! and I can burn up a pen in a couple of hours. My revenge? No just a simple prayer to my Lord and Savior as I go into battle my Goliath the California prison systems and the lie told against me! Fraud! By a ex-emploee 7 oh did I forget to say as I was coming back down south on my layover in Wasco State prison I ran into [redacted] from L.A.C. lancaster on his way up to P.S.U. New Folsom for a 11 month SHU in the Psychic Security Housing Unit cause once always, just like a fucking Marine! once your labled a nutt always labled a nutt so thats a two-fer! all that bullshit about stoppin the stagma of Mental Health, nah! Im not buying any of it! just another can to kick down the road last night there was a news reel on the t.v. set my cellie was watching. I looked at the screen long enough to see their was a summitt in Washington yesterday 2-21-20 for addressing this issue of the stigma of mental health? well let me address that really quick as a man whom was diagnosed with bi-polarism. at first it was called manic-depression but like every thing else it has to have a nice and settal name to use for the sneak attack. when those whom oppose you wish a upper hand go to code and talk in a forgien language like latin the doctor's secret language if Im very stupid then why cant I need a perscription pad? when a doctor issue's medication? just like a court of law! They have their own language and if you don't speak a the Dutch your ass out! That is why the system of thing's is broken I am so proud of my P.O.T.U.S. Its about time a man of God show's all the United State's how any dumbass can work. hard work never killed anyone! My father was raised on a farm I heard all the storie's to! me I was raized on the Mickey Mouse Club and the Vietnam War! and you all better believe me when I say this 8 by the power vested in me by all mighty God told to the Donald! Ill be the one, 1, 1. I will set said example I will tell it like it mother fucking is! This shit whole 3rd/ world nation of a state, getting worse & worse by the day! I can only pray that the day of my death is going to be the best day of the rest of my life eternal cause this life on this Earth is so corrupted to be subjagated to have to live like a common piece of shit among nothing but evil people on both side's of the walled city I live in like yester day as I jogged the yard all morning yelling at the C-130 air cargo ship's, the jet fighter plane's the helocopter's the low flying overhead survalance light air craft, the private military jet's and even a few with the tale tail number's starting with "N" for None your fucking bussiness who is on board w/ what! oh well just a bastard child that cant even express his constitutional right to free speech without someone or some 3 dig it special task force trying to shut me up like in Mule Creek ad/seg trying to buy my silence with a fucking bologna sandwich. While the Fat Mexican security guard plop's his sore feet up on the desk top to rest his poor feet. Well Im the dumbass cause I wont be threatened by C/O's nor prisoner's nor mental health staff fuck um all! you see they crossed the line with me! period there is no coming back Im not begging anyone for shit! Ill die when God requests my absents from this earthly realm and this beautiful flesh body I do occupy ifen I do say do myself I may be 53 this year but Im only 18 in dog year's and well Taylor S. 9) you know "Im the Man" matter of fact my nabor moved in last night I need to get a bit of steel wool pad to polish my door handle to the cell door. That fucking thing look's like shit just like the rest of the tier at least my cell has a fresh coat of paint it sure beats sleeping on the cookie sheet w/o no matteres like the 2 days it took to get here cause I'm in N.D.S. Non Designated Status they can't house me with werido's so to speak or dumb fuck's since Im E.O.P. and everyone pushing that hard line will fall sooner or later into death or taxastion its just a matter of time the tough guys all squat and cough just like the trannie's and all those rule's to live by? well even the good lord said that they will sell their own soul's for a piece of bread! I laugh when they come from general population or what they think is main line. There just most sucker's cause they are just T.V. video wanna bes claiming to be somebody with the old Im so & so you know so & so Im from blah blah, yea, well does so & so know me? were is so & so now. Where is all your property were are your homie's, you going 2 go to store you get 4 boxe's a year in canteen? or you just another leach, hustler, pimp: dope fiend, dealer, killer gang member seem's everyone is out to get over 10 still even in prison when you got some skill's everyone wants to feed off you! Its often time's even funny how it can get so bad. people get jeleous to the point they will work in unison to keep you oppressed sit and watch as I draw with the quickness as swift as a hawk spin doctoring my art into something as to trade for more money then the state will pay me to work in 80 hour's in minister yet the very people that consume my work will hold out to the point of me haveing to chase them down to get my end's pure coveting period! My cellie good kid my son's age! Im blessed finally to have a young man, whom I can show some respect to because he himself has respect for his own self! This is rare in prison these past years in the 21st century thanking God, for a man that fear's no one, just God. That make's my life in this camp a whole lot better! he is educating himself preparing himself: God willing for his return back to society and I will make his transformation as easy as I can by helping him in all his venture's whatever he ask's of me I will help him to achive his gole's as a older convict its imputed upon me to do so. God dont work in mysterest ways when you seek him he is 11 all ways there for you and that is no mystery this thing for instance with school and TABE score testing by way of a simple e'mail it could all be handled yet the system is so jammed and back logged with fraud and security breache's just last night the news was talking about security breach at the pentagon? So if the government cant control the very opperational system's they deploy what makes any bum like my dumb ass would be Mob 6 drop out from society think that the G.E.D. assholes at the State of California level of the ABE III G.E.D. general education diploma of the adult basic education dept. can find my profisance examination test for my high school diploma from the Whitter Unified School district at Frontier high school taken at none other than John Glenn in Norwalk California named after the astronaut I believe Applilo II Mission to the moon. I may be wrong but Im a Whitecell even when Im wrong Im write! Right right if you cant find my high school diploma from the State of California awarded to me in 1984 two years early to leave school to join the most fierce fighting force in the free world! The United States Marine's! I had to have a diploma to be concitered for the job. learning what where when why how to kill for a living. I registered with the SS Slective Service at 18 took my advaps at 16, and never looked back at 17. when I caught my first murder in la Marada California, my father well he was so proud. Me not so. Killing by way of CQC 12 or hand to hand combat I dont give a fuck who you are. It change's you not like zombie change but change the power exacted when killing and when you believe you have justification like they are enemie's of the state or country that employs you! Well its a fine line between mission accomplished and a rouge state of mind. Believing you are a super hero cause your body count is a greater sum then the next opperator or specialist yet plausible deniability is so drilled into your head, that to even excape the real world and the thought that no one can ever know the whole truth the thing's Ive done the people Ive known those Ive hurt those that have hurt me all and all its give and take more so these day's with give. Cause its a better deal in the long run to give even to those that take advantage! cause you learn about that person through self inventory and see how they opperate they may not hold up their end of a deal but you have to pick and choose your battle's everyday from punching someone in the mouth over a shot of coffee & a state peanut butter to help save my last cellie's life on Feb 3rd after dinner when he arrived just before chow from suicide watch at the Hospital and decided to over dose on the bunk above me while I sat below to draw that dude was a very luck dope fiend Ill tell you! all point in fact some of these fool's even one of my nabors on the tier told me at breakfast the next day he personally would of left him for dead! and that by doing so I could have gotten my single cell status? W.T.F. This 13 I only atest to cause of the state of mind the California prisoner is in today not everyone but in level 4 EOP when your playing with dope and your scandeless and a ruthless person no one gives a rats ass about you and your family well fact of the matter is they all end up dead or dying or falling off lack of support in the end your counted as a lucky man if you get out in this present day and age and remain free. me I just read a wistler blower complaint I wrote to take note's from a short document I sent to the state additor office the letter I recieved back informed me to further contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation civil rights squad. so it took me a few week's but I was able to finally sit down an write a short story about how Ive been doing ever since I truly started advocating for myself as these so called righteous people working for the state start to fall to the waste side the pen is myhter then the sword and my tounge is sharper then any two edge sword and by Isiaha 61 I am commanded by my Lord and Savior jesus christ to speak of the truth for all my subjects. That I've been subjagated to help as a lowly old man of no prefrence, like I told the Judge in Lancaster court I cant take a deal for something I did not do. I was tried and convicted of a crime that never happened and Ive been told that the Bitch that testified not only made up the story but was part of a specially constructed plot to lock up a man of peace and to kill me and take my life away one day at a time but that will 14 never be up to this state nor its employee's for those whom oppose me number many but my God will give me the victory in the end and the one who die's with the most toys at the endgame! well we wund in the win end up one more notch on my 50 cal butt stored somewhere in a air conditioned closet, with all the other toy's that I no longer play with cause Im having just as much fun these days as I watch the Book of Acts unfold before my very eyes and I have the football at the one yard line Im the quarterback and Arron hernandez is up to recieve cause just like in the past I never forget nor forgive and if you are my people why have you all forgotten me? in the end every man will bow before the almighty God to give account for the way you treated the least of the brother's so remember to always entertain stranger's for by doing you never know when you were entertaining a angel. And when the Angel of Death come's and he is ready for me well I hope and pray I've done everything I could have to keep it simple as a warrior and a wrathful punisher of those whom will never see the kingdom of God all I have to say to you Mickey Mouse mother fucking rat ass people and your wicked way's stay far from me this is subscripe to as the Cheif of Medician of the Nation of Degaino Indians of South San Diego the voodoo you all do! I put back on you in the name of Christ. May he bless you all for all that you do! good and evil 7 x 7 x 70 you all shall be rewarded in this life for your service weather good or bad God help you all! Dont ever mess with the best. God bless the U.S. Army Affa Loco 81-1820

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: February 22, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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