The devil’s heaven

Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.



The Devil's Heaven The below are additional "Fact Findings" examples demonstrative of how unnecessary and wasteful spending cost the Michigan Tax Payers. Prisoners: (Only applies to what I have witnessed) Besides the yearly cost to house prisoners, prisoners waste a lot of money in regards to supplies. This waste occurs, in part, because the MDOC lacks a) accountability; b) responsibility; and c) structure. For example, prisoners are not responsible for buying their own toilet paper, soap and other health and comfort items, therefore, they waste them. For instance, using a half roll of toilet paper to "dress-up" a toilet before using it. Prisoners waste a lot of money, often deliberately, especially considering they will not be held accountable or responsible for the waste. This is an unnecessary cost and burden to the tax payers. Correctional Staff: (Only applies to what I have witnessed) Believe it or not, and I suggest you believe it, that from the Warden down to the new hiree, correctional staff can care less whether prisoners waste the items mentioned above or not because they themselves do the same. Corrections officers waste more materials than any group of employee's I have ever known. For example, corrections officers waste gloves, toilet paper, regular typing paper, misconduct paper, their free food, and numerous other things, however, there biggest waste is time. The waste of time may explain the overwhelming number of obese correctional staff. I am certainly not envious or jealous of the easy life. Matter of fact, I wish I could have a job where I can sit somewhere for eight or nine hours, play on computers, call people names, lie, talk about people, gossip, eat, mistreat people, and do everything the Bible encourages us not to do and get a fat paycheck for it (actually, no I don't). Some have labelled corrections officers as "over paid babysitters", however, while this may be true there are several other names I could attached to them. For example, lazy, dishonest, wasteful, and unethical, just to name a few. But in sum, both prisoners and correctional staff waste a large amount of money, per day, per year, therefore, neither care about what the other waste. Corrections is like a group of con artist, deceptionist, liars, and manipulators being "babysitted" by a group of con artist, deceptionist, liars, and manipulators. Corrections is a twisted situation. Final Thought: My one "correctional" wish is that one day someone will get smart and place a decoy in each MDOC facility so that they can experience what I have briefly discussed herein. The decoy's will learn of the Real Waste. What I described is only a small fraction of it. The problem I foresee is maybe no one really wants to know this truth, after all, to admit this truth may cause a ripple effect that may cause other actions and no one wants to be accountable and responsible for any of this. Indeed, I further wish somebody would give me 242,561.00 dollars. I certainly would not waste it in this manner. For example, I definitely wouldn't pay a large portion of it for my pet to sit in somebody else's backyard for 6 years and 4 months simply so the pet wouldn't bite anybody. I would probably pay, as less as possible, and send my pet to a trainer and have the pet trained to do what that pet needs to do resolving the problem, which is or should be the goal, instead of throwing the pet off into somebody else's yard for all this time. Switching the pet from my yard to another person's yard probably won't stop the pet from biting, therefore, paying for this would probably be a waste of time and money. But who knows, Michigan may be "cut like that" and may be richer than any of us think, after all, how much money do you have to waste per year? In your opinion, do you think what is described is a waste?

Author: Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: August 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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