The end of my essays (like…America)!

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



The End of My Essays (Like ... america)! 6-23-19 "There is 'strength in (Numbers':6:2-21): base-are-outrageous! (Permission on file) ARA (Abdul Rahim Abdullah or Ayyub) "Just like the 'ankh' (Egypt: nu; stolen-ansante cross-soul inside life) became: nu [GR] - nu (Phoenician); nazir (set apart...sacred, dedicated, vowed); Deuteronomy; Antinomian (Trump Christians freed from obedience to any law... salvation... through faith... divine grace) slash, vicarious atonement (evil becomes good, inhumanity becomes charity, and lies become truth); Nomenklatura (patronage... of Soviet Union/Russia controlled by committees); and, Nazi (swastika; hakenkreuz -- hook, cross -- (Hindu, of samsara-cycle of birth?)) after nazirite vow? The history (his story), from Akhonazi/Akhenaten/Amenhotep (17th dynasty) used serapis (god with 3 pairs of wings; became, seraphim, trini) Greek & Roman myths (serapia, Ptah: Apis Apollo, Aton)! Compare: Amos (2:11-12); John (Lk 1:15); Samson (Judges 13: 4, 5, 7, 16:17) | Samuels (1:11) and, Acts (18:18, perverts compares, Judges 16:7-17?)? Then (up to and beyond) Numean games Olympic games; Olympics (too: Ankh)? Vow (promise, vote) goes, back, to 'Ankh'; as well (Egypt; and, 'Adam's Bridge,' Adam's Stone; etc.), Ra/On (Bible)! 'Nothing nu/new under the sun!' (Erdes 1:9, What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done, nothing new... 13 ... under the sun... 15 What is crooked cannot be made straight...." (Qur'an, 35:13: "He merges night into day, and he merges day into night... and he has subjected the sun... (to his law)....")! The durance, (prisoners and kidnapped), some, know the Truth (numerator, and, the denominator)! We watch (guards) hacks, daily (3-shifts per)! Just as math uses a fraction, 'satan' uses humans! And, when hidden (covert), 'they act the-same'; switch places! The 'Wan' (prisoners) become hacks (trustee); and hacks (prisoners)! Note: the University study (California)? As their behavior 'change places'! My previous (Essays) note, 'cognitive dissonance' as the problem/'disease'! The inconsistency: between, beliefs and; actions! You can see the truth acted-out (Trump: selected by electoral college; but, news et cetera saying he was elected by voters; cf. The View's Megan McCain?)! In this vein, three (3) branches back, the crimes committed; and, the brewing wars (Afghan; Syria; Africa; and Iran instigation)! Remember, Iraq, lies told? All, three (3), branches let it happen! Just like now! So, what do you think happens: with criminals? Tripartite (as one)! Look, how Nature's responding? Who are the true criminals? We (durance) aren't (out there) allowing/contributing/supporting (criminals) destruction (of america)! The 'Wan', and the 'Brown' aren't-at-war! It's: The 'Wealthy'; and; 'the poor'! I may be blind (left eye; and, conditions I exist in, causing less in right-eye also) but; I see that: 'Franz Anton Mesmer's ancestors,' act like animals (precursor to hypnotism) magnetized! 'Trump' is the offspring (of Puysegur): he enthralls the base, (all ethnic groups)! Note, enthrall (middle English) means: 'to put in bondage'? And, 'thrall - intellectually or morally enslaved'? So 'yes' y'all are in prison; too!' [redacted] (c) ARA ADX plantation P.S. I used to wonder, 'Why cartoons are popular' (babies & adults); now I know! [redacted] (c)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: June 23, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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