The end




The End: I have been incarcerated before in the state of Connecticut, for other various petty charges. This current sentence of 2 years is coming to the end. I have less than 90 days remaining untill I am released, and my complete freedom is restored. I have no probation or parole upon my release. I would be lying if I didn't say I am anxious about my release, one of the reasons being I have been sheltered from the current COVID-19/Corona-Virus health crisis. At the sametime I am eagarly excited to re-build my life and attain my goals. I have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Some of the things I have done with my time are learn about and embrace Islam. Gain more sober time, and develope a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life, that one often forgets once released into the free world and public society. I am eager to be released and continue to the next part of my life. and develope and build a life for myself. It is said that after “a bid” or completion of a sentence of incarceration, that it takes about 6 months to completely transition in to public society. I believe the longer a sentence the more drastic the transition. If an individual was incarcerated before the era of cell phones or other modern technologies, like applying for a job online to digital banking to getting a cab ride with Uber all things the world does without much thought. To know that there are people who may not know the difference between Iphone's and Android's product's has given me a greater appreciation for life. When I leave I am completely free from the system I would be lying to say I am not looking back, because I know I will suffer the unspoken PTSD of prison of the nightmares of waking up in a false prison, but I am really in the world, which is better than fallen sleeping dreaming about the outside world. I will conclude this article by saying being in prison or incarcerated will forever change you, now wheather thats a good thing or bad is partly up to you, but as the imprisoned knows not all things are in our control.

Author: Gully

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: October 2, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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