The epidemic

High, Teddy



The Epidemic 03/17/2019 The epidemic, this time, like so many others lately, is man-made. It utilizes only two characters of the English language. K2 Where it once used to be marijuana, then coke, among a host of other drugs. K2 is now the new drug. I myself have been approached by a staff officer here on TDCJ -- Texas Department of Criminal Justice -- at Connelly Unit -- because I act as a United States army veteran is supposed to - wherein, he asked me if it was just him or did I too get a contact high, there was so much smoke in the air. That, my friend, is crazy! Crazy, however, is irrelevant to the fact that it is still true. You walk into my section, at any given time -- morning, day and night -- and it's like walking into a smoke shack. A nearly constant hot box. They -- the smokers -- don't realize it, or simply don't care. The latter is the most likely. Why should they care? It's the ones like myself who don't smoke who are hit with it the hardest. I used to smoke -- weed + Black + Milds -- so I know the difference. Even coming down off a lockdown/shakedown/search, the very same day, within minutes of being shook down, the K2 is fired back up as if we hadn't just been searched. It's nearly undetectable by officers, [dossit?] in respect to drug tests. What makes it worse is K2 isn't like weed -- naturally grown -- or even coke or many other man made or modified drugs, in that everyone who makes K2 uses their own recipe. This leaves the potency of each batch brought in different. Because of this you never know how the new batch may affect you. I've seen people become stuck -- staring into nothing. Brain stopped functioning temporarily. Seen them (multiple) vomit up the contents of their stomachs. Seen them become insanely violent (multiple) -- one guy jumped on top of several tables yelling that he was King Kong + demand a fight until he passed out. Seen them pass out + need to be rushed to the local hospital + even seen them die. A defibrillator saved his life. The funniest thing about all the above is each + every single one of them, among others, talked trash about someone else having a "Toon" attack + how that person just can't handle it though that would never happen to them. Apparently, in prison, the blind lead the blind. Unfortunately, for many of us at Connelly Unit among others like this unit, the administration doesn't care for "snitches" or people -- inmates -- to drop dimes. So, unless they -- officers -- catch them red-handed, nothing's ever done. At a time shortly before K2, at my unit, became too big, it was policy that if an officer walked into a section +smelled smoke, that section went on 24 hr lockdown. Personally, other than being denied access to the law library, I think/thought that was a good policy, but should've been taken one step further + they should've stripped + searched the entire section until it or some other K2 was found. Now, however, they -- inmates -- smoke in the middle of the dayroom not worrying to hide the smell or what they're doing from the cameras. Why? The end result. Since 2017, every section I've lived in + nearly every cell-mate I've had smokes +/or is smoke-filled. It's like living in a smoke shop.

Author: High, Teddy

Author Location: Texas

Date: March 17, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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