The exact questions we are expected to never ask

Torres, Eduardo



The exact questions we are expected to never ask. Eduardo Torres CDCR 5-25-20 In society some win others lose. It’s a fact, but its physics are very questionable. What causes us to become unhappy? Cognitive dysfunction they tell us. What keeps us within normal limits? Genetic disposition they say. And why do we live essentially replaceable lives? Because they want us to. Everything can be seen through percepts that trancend the foundations of purpose. I was probably given a more than average purpose for my life. I came close to death several times, but especially at the day of my arrest where I played chicken with a deadly situation. I won and discovered that my life was exceptionally special through the help with vivid black backs. Anyway, I was able to put my time to good use and went through my life with careful inspection. I filtered fact from foolishness and came out with a fool proof verified conspiracy theory. Section 8, the low income housing plan from the tax payed Housing Authority Office coexists with an elaborate conspiracy network who's general purpose is to earse good nature from Earth. Section 8 houses nieghbor old homes that belong to unmarked domiciliate men in black, generally racist veteran, incestious white people, “white devils”, who generally promote evil through devilish perogatives they possess. It’s no coincidence I know too much and was confronted with death during my last days in the community. I am now trying to expose this fact with only the facts, starting with the fact we frequently find unmarked domiciles (homes with no address), nieghboring section 8 homes. I kind of believe Housing Authority has secrets as much as I believe N.A.S.A does. I guess once someone does something about it, it’ll evolve into proof of magic, hell, ghosts, and demystify the minds by a whole lot. Its the next biggest thing. -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: May 25, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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