The fight is on

Rucks, James A., Jr.



"The Fight is On" Dec 29, 2017 Well I'm here at the Leblanc Unit in Beaumont Texas. One of around 700 plus inmates involved in the class action lawsuit Cole vs. Collier which is now being handled by the Edwards Law Firm out of Austin Texas. A little background on the case 1st started when a few inmates a Pack I medical unit got together. Talking about the unhumane conditions for inmates and guards at TDCJ. The litagators where in the craft shop together. Now I first met them in 2011 at the law library. At that time they where talking about putting in a Federal writ 1983. Which they soon did and have had a lot of success. In early 2017 Judge Ellison made it a class action lawsuit. The Pack I also had to put in a new water filteration system. Because of the high levels of arsenic in the water. Then in August of 2017 the judge ordered all heat sensitive inmates on Pack I to be moved to air conditioning units in the TDCJ system. On August 10th I was moved to Stringfellow Unit for college. I had put in for it several years ago and finally gotten it approved. Started college to get my LCDC liscense but on August 27th were evacuated because of hurricane. TDCJ moved us to the Pack I unit in Navasota Texas. The judge was pissed and demanded we be moved quickly. So now we sit at the Leblanc Unit waiting on the outcome of this case. Dec. 29th 2017 James A. Rucks Jr.

Author: Rucks, James A., Jr.

Author Location: Texas

Date: January 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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