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Graves, Rodney Williams, Jr.



To Whom it may concern, 1) The following dates 9-21-17 thru 10-3-17, are dates in which the following events did happened. While I was housed as an inmate in transfer status in USP Atlanta, GA Holdover Unit, I received cruel & unusual punishment. This goes against the 8th amendment of the Constitution of the United States. It also goes against the Federal Program Statement titled Conditions of Cofinement in SHU (Special Housing Unit). I was denied my rights by SHU staff. The following is a list of rights denied to me. Statement #541.31 Part's A-F A) Sanitary living conditions - toilet unable to flush causing it to fill to overflow with feces. Cockroches crawling all over the walls and myself both day or night, sleeping or awake. C) Clothing - I was not given clean clothing at all while at Atlanta. D) Bedding - I was not given clean bedding linens at all while at Atlanta. F) Personal hygine - I was not given hot water at the sink in my cell or a working toilet at all while at Atlanta. 2) Statment #541.32 A-B A) Medical Care - I was not given prescribed medication on a daily basis at all while at Atlanta. B) Mental Health Care - I was not given mental care untill Oct - 2 even though I requesed the day I was placed in the SHU. I brought all these issuse to OIC Day Shift, but was told by unknown female officer in charge on day shift "your just a child molester, what do I care". I feel my rights as stated in the Constitution as well as prison program policy have been denied due to my documented status as a white, gay, sexoffender. I ask that you please investigate this matter to the full power of your office, and give punishment to those who have disobed the law in which they are sworn to uphold. Thank you, Rodney W. Graves Jr

Author: Graves, Rodney Williams, Jr.

Author Location: Virginia

Date: November 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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