The force

Knox, Jamilah L.



The Force California Department of Corrections. Its not what it seems like. Its actually the oppisite. Rehabilitation doesnt exist. The Programs available are not available in every Prison. While incarcerated Ive had to learn things myself. Through self helping educational books such as Nolo Business Book. The jobs pay so low that Restitution eats pretty much your whole check. But thats not the worst of all the current situations in prison. The Force is. The Force is a prison gang made up of corrections officers something like the Los Angeles county sheriffs. "The famous" 2000 Boys Corrections Officer already take an oath to have their fellow officers back. Imagine that but with every write up. 115 and every 115 hearing an officer can never be wrong. So we always get found guilty, right or wrong. Which is what adds Time to our sentence. But also for example, I know this guy who is a lifer he hasnt gotten a 115 write up in 20 years. He was up for BPH. Board of Parole hearing the denied his Parole due to him not getting any write ups so he must be manipulating custody. 7 year denial. After all of the riots, stabbings that go on in prison. He actually made it 20 yrs staying out of trouble. No easy task. I must say. Currently Im incarcerated in RJD. Richard James Donovan in San Diego Ive watched so much corruption here through the administration to medical & mental health. Custody does the write up. Medical adds to the story & high ranking officers find you guilty. A couple of years ago, the Warden of the Prison got walked off of the Prison Grounds for Money Laundering. He was stealing money to. This is the worst place to be incarcerated. Our Property always gets lost broken or misplaced. The Force is responsible for so confusions & drugs within the Prison System. They bring in cell phones. Heroin. Weed. Crystal meth. Vape pen's etc. Ive watched correctional officers drop of packs of cigarettes to inmates. Its crazy Im not trying to be a snitch or fuck up what we can get on the low but this shit is getting out of control here and in other institutions Im a African American Transgender woman. But listen Im touching bands. But watching inmates fight or stab each other for the drugs custody is bringing on is crazy. I observed a fight on the yard before & it was on C Yard in front of Building 12. A C.O. came out with his lunch pale. Looked at the fight walked around and went home. No pad alarm. Nothing. In my building two cellies stabbed each other. Went to the medical. Then to the main office and the only thing that happen was they got separated. There was blood everywhere. Again the Force is a gang & causing any drama of confusion is there goal. Ive tried to stay out of there way. But they fuck with our mail, canteen hours & yard. Its so crazy. There is no Rehabilitation at all. Coming to prison makes you worst off because the Trades they have are United. Education is limited. No real workable career choices. So before you get on jury duty. Read this. Because it might give you second thought about sending a petty crime offender to prison. Its not worth it. Thank you Jamilah Knox

Author: Knox, Jamilah L.

Author Location: California

Date: October 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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