The genetic and social origins of sex crimes: What theologians, police, and prosecutors do not want you to know as jurors

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



Felton L. Matthews Jr. P.O. Box 1989-4A20-ESP Ely, Nevada 89301 “The Genetic and Social Origins of Sex Crimes: What Theologians, Police, and Prosecutors do not want You to Know as Jurors” It is accepted theologian dogma that we are created from dust. There are two concepts. Primarily, we are created from dust (cosmic space dust) in the context of development from proto-viral micro-organisms evolving over billions of years (see Armand Delsemme’s “Our Cosmic Origins”). The second concept is that of the hybridization detailed in the Qu’ran (created from a fluid most despised and dust) and the Sumerian Genesis Tales. This alleged “myth” is also supported by the Chinese genesis story of Nuwa and the dust from the yellow river. It is scientific fact that KIT layer clay has unique nucleic bonding properties to accomplish hybridization. DNA (deoxy-ribonucleic acid) is held together in a helix of hydrogen based bonding. In hybridization, those bonds can be attached and reattached at the atomic level. You see, one species of animal, to include man, cannot just walk up and start copulating with another species of animal. God has set rules for this. These “rules” are in the cell membranes of both ovum (egg) and sperm in question. A sperm RNA to DNA “key” pg. 1 of 15 has to fit an ocum RNA to DNA “keyhole” to start the cell meiosis or symbiosis to create or reproduce the species in question– especially a hybrid (hybrid: the joining of two separate and distinct life forms or technologies). The same rules also applies for viruses. HIV (Human Immundo-Virus) has an RNA to RNA replication key, instead of RNA to DNA replication key. This key matches the helper T white blood cells which allows it make little baby or new HIV “critters”! And therefore, based on concept two above, it is more than highly probable that the “Anunnaki” (our extra-terrestrial friends) did hybridize or tamper with us. (And based on the plethora and myriad of Genesis lore and stories, more than one instance. Yellow dust– yellow Asian skin, red dust– red skin Indian natives or caucasian, and brown or black dust– Negroid race). My personal theory is that God himself (if you believe in a God.) had authored a distinct hybridization process based on Enoch 30:10 and the incident with Jacob at Peniel in Genesis 32:22-28 in any standard bible with a modern Genesis creation story. This theory is supported by the fact that even though we are related to homo erectus and or homo archirelius, (subspecies of animal man) we are psychically (mediumism, clairvoyance, telepathy) and genetically (light eyes, color complexed, straight hair or curly haired) and neurologically “diverse”. Because of God’s “rules”, the hybridization; the hodge podge of the myriad of Genesis creation stories suggest that our particular hybridization had to occur in a laboratory. (Remember, “given” that the Qu’ran and the Sumerian genesis tale is “true”, the seminal fluids had to be used in the process. The Cathars despised the ejaculatory events in sexual reproduction and deemed them unclean. Even Jewish canon deems sexual discharge unclean. pg. 2 of 15 So there it is “there”. A fluid most despised.) This means that the hybridization “payload” has to be loaded in a delivery package people, like loading a “missile”. Our “creator” ordered or allowed the splice at the RNA to DNA key of the homo erectus or homo archirelius sperm genome; and only touched the nervous system (brain included), skin, hair and nail, and sexual organs for future breeding and reproduction (based on the Book of Enoch, “if” you believe it). And it is “this” theory, “my” theory, that would point back to the Sumerians in context to our alleged use as genetic labor for gold. Query: “Who determined for ‘us’ that gold, or even silver has monetary value?” “Where did the concept of ‘money’ even come from?” You cannot eat gold or silver. It cannot keep you warm or protect you from the elements. You cannot grow a plant, hunt, or catch a fish with it directly. For actual survival, money is “worthless”. This concept was taught to us and we blindly follow it. Plants heal you, not gold or silver, along with medical skills. (See my next essay: “Critiquing Barack Obama from the African American Perspective: Alternative Obamacare Solution”. “How ‘Wo-man’ was created in Truth: Eve’s Story” Okay, “given” my last writings are true, “this” is what occurred in the Garden of Eden. “God” took common man or “homo-sapien” man to be (Homo erectus – Homo archirelius) and got some sperm and spliced it from the RNA to DNA key to select areas. We can map DNA now. KIT layer clay was used to seal the RNA “payload” on the sperm DNA “package”. (DNA strands with no use or activation with genes proof of splice.) pg. 3 of 15 The ovum (egg) RNA to DNA keyhole had to match. So “he” and or “they” used the natural female species. Seminal fluids (most despised) was used to make the “link” happen. There had to be a “carrier” or surrogate for the developing zygote. Female homo erectus and homo archirelius hip and vaginal birth canal was too small. (Proof: reconstructed bones and fossils of the female extinct sub-genus species vs. size and weight and head circumference of modern homo sapien fetuses of today. Their hip structure accommodates fetuses of chimpanzee and other primate fetuses. They lost both surrogate and fetus-child unless they attempted C-section. Then again, pre-mature homo sapien fetus hybrid taken early would not survive at all at five months. And they needed a breeding pair. Chimpanzee gestation is less than nine months– scientific fact.) Adam needed a “mate” (some “ass”) and this is what they or “he” did: 4A.) Adam was “asleep” and he had a “wet dream”. They got the sperm genome needed to create a female. (Remember, he took a “rib” (ribosomal DNA) from Adam). They triggered the ejaculation. “Rib is short for “ribosome nucleic acid”. 4B.) They got an ovum from the retro-species (homo erectus – homo archi) with the same RNA to DNA receptor “keyhole” and voila!: “Eve” “Eve” was not a “looker” people. She had heavy squat features, a thick neanderthal brow, wide hips, long hair, and wide nose but she could get the “job” done. She could copulate and breed with Adam. And now, the “shocker”. You do of course know what this implies, do you not? pg. 4 of 15 The First Sex Crime or First Sexually Immoral Act “Eve was actually “Adam’s” daughter. The homo sapien species was founded on incest. Adam and Eve committed the first sex crime or sexually immoral act based on scientific fact and logic and theologian-church mores. (Albeit sanctioned and made possible by God.) We are technically “animals” and we are the only “animals” that cannot breed with a close relative due to birth defects. This is “bad” seed (sperm). I will explain where this “bad seed” came from. The descendants of “Adam’s” direct line had no incest or birth defect complication for breeding purposes people. Cain took his “sister” Ayala! The Second Sex Crime: Rape and the “Bad Seed” “Then the ‘heavenly beings’ took the daughters of Adam they liked.” (Genesis chapter 6) Okay, the Earth became populated with hybrids (Anunnaki and homo sapien). Taking Earth homo sapien women and stacking the hybridization would create anomalies (i.e. Giants of Gath, the Rephaim, and the Anakim and hermaphrodites. It’s in your bibles my theologian extremist!) They “took”. To take by force is “rape”. This is the second sex crime or sexually immoral act committed! The homo sapien women were then “taught” things, and now they are called “witches” practicing “witchcraft” based on the Book of Enoch. This is hardly fair and thousands of innocent people burned at the stake between New England-America and Britain and France! This is not me. This is the Book of Enoch and the history of homo sapien mankind! The Third Sex Crime: Immoral Homosexuality pg. 5 of 15 Homosexual conduct was first recorded in Sodom and Gommorah. Given as “true”, even if the pogrom did occur on homosexuals, they are not wiped out and still exist proven genetically among the population of modern man. People are still being born as “transgender” and or hermaphroditic (possessing both sex organs). Transgender simply means you have the qualities of both sexes and you are usually considered homosexual or lesbian. Both anomalies are becoming more and more prevalent. Based on this third sex crime issue, the “chickens are coming home to roost” for the Anunnaki (those who came from the heavens (stars) to Earth). “God” is not guilty. Why? The Anunnaki “took” and created the sexual aberrations in our gene pool by disobeying God as watchers according to the Book of Enoch and created the Gibborim (Great Heroes), the Giants the Jews slew (there is evidence they existed), and the sexual aberration and “freaks” (hermaphrodite and homosexuals. A carving of an image of a particular “Anunnaki” was shown to be also hermaphroditic in Iraq. See research and books of Zecharia Sitchin, author emeritus). And since people can get “pleasure” from sodomitic and lesbian sex, it is not going anywhere people! Heck, they are getting married now openly. Sex Crimes and Trials Today Is it not funny? People talk about Bill Cosby and the use of “date rape” drugs like ecstasy or GHB. The same conservative republican theologian-christians are ignoring the crucial fact in their own bibles that it is women (young girls) who have first used drugs, alcohol, and deception to actually rape men. Consider the fourth recorded immoral sex crime involving Lot (Lut) and his daughters (if you believe in the Bible or God at all). Did not Lot get raped by his own daughters using wine after his wife turned into a pg. 6 of 15 pillar of salt? (See any common modern bible in the book of Genesis) Not only was it rape, but it was incest to boot! And the girls were conscious of it. Consider, if you will also the issue of Judah and Tamar in the same book. Did not Tamar trick Judah into sleeping with her and paying her for it? This in legal, not actual blood incest and the crime of prostitution on top of that! And of course there is Abraham and Sarah. Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister (legal and the custom in Sumeria, or founded by the Anunnaki– one of many types!). Did he not pander her for his own profit and protection because she was beautiful? This conduct, based on the scientific truth of Adam and Eve, still goes on today and is criminally punished (and rightfully so!). Sexual immorality is hardwired genetically into the Homo sapien species and we are the only “animals” that joyfully partake in it for various reasons. It is particularly hardwired into the human female species. Also, you are humbly reminded that the Biblical record on Lot and his daughters are supported by the geological and archaeological record sustaining the fact that the cities of Moab and Ammon did exist. These cities are founded on incest. This also supports the supposition that close relative Homo sapien breeding back in the days of Adam and Eve was genetically viable and sustainable. How and why? Lot was closer to the line of the original breeding pairs of our particular species (Adam and Eve). I do not judge Adam and Eve, Lot, or his daughters. I am not, nor will I ever, criticize “God”. I am merely pointing out a crucial scientific and socially moral (immoral) act and fact. We will examine Lot’s daughters in context to today’s sex crime prosecutions and laws. pg. 7 of 15 In “all” sex crime prosecutions regarding women and especially children, it is established that the act occurs based on the presumptuous fallacy that 1.) they do not understand the act and consequences, 2.) they could not resist within their means, and 3.) it was against their will. There are rape shield laws that keep out prior sexual conduct of the alleged victim. And the minimum indica for penetration is digital penetration or simple contact of the mouth, labia, or anus (in some states the buttock with a finger, mouth, tongue, or penis). And the minimum evidence needed for bind over to stand trial is the mere allegation. Take a look at the above and tell me how can anyone mount a legal defense– especially when it’s left up to a credibility contest? Who are you going to believe? An adult or a kid? And there lies the problem. “There’s no DNA. They cannot prove I did it. No penetration.” That’s a fallacy. The D.A. and police need only a good statement colored by allegations of inappropriate touching, sexual exposure, and threat of force if the victim alleged did not submit or comply. That’s it. “It was consensual and I did not hurt them. They had an orgasm and enjoyed it.” That too is a fallacy. An orgasm is not relative when sexual performance is under forced compulsion. Secondly, even if a person consents to “you”, if they are under the age of consent in a particular state, it is at least statutory rape. The penalties range from a gross misdemeanor to life. (Not to include sex offender registration, lifetime supervision, assault and rape of you in prison, and vigilante attacks to run you out of the neighborhood!) pg. 8 of 15 “The victim is lying. I did not do it.” That may very well be. But can you prove it? You got to show a jury the child or woman is lying or got motive to lie. “Man, that was over ten, twenty years ago. They will never file the charge.” That is another fallacy. States have extended the statute of limits on sex crimes based on the position of authority of the alleged perpetrator and the age of the victim. (Hence the Catholic priest, Penn St. Football, and Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson sex scandals.) “They wanted it. Look how they were dressed on the street. They were looking for a good time.” Fallacy. A person, regardless of the consequences, has a right to wear what they wish. Tight clothing, sheer clothing, and a ton of make-up and perfume is not an invitation to sex– “most of the time.” Fallacy. A person has to know and give consent to take a drug just like sex. Slipping a pill in a drink or getting a person drunk affects the tier of fact “against will” in a jury instruction. It’s also an enhancement charge! The Problem In context to Lot’s daughters, females were set to be married off at the age of thirteen or younger, as soon as they started menstrus. So the modern law sets the age of consent based on the supposition that children under the age of eighteen do not understand the sexual act and consequences. So why are thirteen year olds in Denver, Colorado posing on as nineteen year olds? Why are pg. 9 of 15 thirteen year old boys using Zoosk in Utah to hook up with other gay men? Why are there nine year old prostitutes on International Avenue in Oakland, CA? Why is there a teen pregnancy rate based on girls as young as eight getting pregnant? You want to know why? Society has underestimated and down played a person’s propensity to engage in vice and evil. It stems from the fact God showed mercy to the younger generation who followed the adults into sin. Lot’s daughters were underage when they committed the first of many sex crimes by our species. It’s still going on today, so why are we not considering the fact that children (kids) do in fact “know” exactly what they are doing when they do sleep with adults? (Note! It is still the responsibility of adults to say “No.” when propositioned by the underaged. The author of this essay does not minimize his conduct or that of others for the sex crimes in question. He only questions the approach to the curve something that has gone on for thousands of years that society “cannot” stop.) It’s the “new” Prohibition of the twenties! And it’s a double standard. If a boy in Texas underage gets “laid” by an adult female, he gets beer and steak. If an underage girl gets “laid” by a grown man, it’s a heinous crime and he should be lynched and get a million years in jail. (Even though the girl skipped school for the purpose of getting “fucked” having lied to her parents and teachers. See the story of “Dijonay” in San Francisco, CA.) pg. 10 of 15 Witch Trials Revisited I mentioned the creation of the “witches” based on the book of Enoch. The burning of the innocents to please God in his displeasure of “witchcraft” alleged is being revisited upon us in the form of sex offense prosecutions. (Especially with children). As a “jailhouse” lawyer and writ writer, I have examined first hand the discovery and charges of a lot of child sex offenders. To bring my point home, I will conceal the identity of those involved, and I shall make my point. But before I begin, I am of the opinion, no matter how erroneous you think it to be, that no one should get paid for consensually sleeping with priest or anyone adult, twenty to thirty years “after-the-fact”. For real. Defendant “X” gets 2 x 35 to life for sexual assault of a minor who he allegedly forced to give oral sex to himself. The problem with this is that victim AG, only five, managed to get the “yucky mucous” from his flaccid impotent penis. The D.A. told the jury a man can still ejaculate flaccid. It takes a “consensual” and concentrated effort by the victim AG to do this and at the level of an sexual experienced woman. Victim AG did it three times and waited 3 years to tell someone and admits sexual participation. Yet, she was sexually assaulted. Defendant “Z” gets 10 x 20 to life and various 10 to lifes after charges gets dropped in connection to victim OB. Victim OB gets put out by her mother only to go to Los Angeles, CA where she loses her virginity “there” and files a LAPD report. LAPD contacts Clark County who ignores the previous CPS and N. Las Vegas P.D. investigation and prosecutes him. He takes a deal for probation and gets violated and charged for other child victims he was cleared for. Victim OB consensually has sex with him after the fact and contracted a venereal disease to boot! pg. 11 of 15 And mind you, Victim OB had the venereal disease and did not know it from the time she left Los Angeles, California and returned to Las Vegas, Nevada! Defendant K takes a deal after fighting his case for over fourteen months. He fired his attorney and was defending himself. He was denied access to protective custody and access to the law library despite a court order. He did not know that the reason he was denied protective custody and the law library was that he was libeled and defamed a “violent homosexual”. Long story short, when he took the deal for 2 x 10 to life for lewdness with a minor under fourteen, he discovered that the most he could have been charged with was a 1-6 year sentence max for statutory sexual seduction. Victim JN at first excused him of any sexual wrongdoing. Then she recanted. In the presentence investigation report Child Protective Services adds trauma to the anal orifice of victim JN that was never there on the exam! Plus they gave him (Defendant K) a history of weapons based violence that never even occurred! (Assisted by corrupt police officers in Dallas, Texas). Defendant Y has two grand-daughters. One is from his true biological daughter, the other from his step-daughter that he had already done 1-4 years on in prison for statutory sexual seduction. He is not the biological father of the step-daughter’s child. The girls are anatomically different. But pg. 12 of 15 they have the “same” and “identical” hymenal defect with two openings. He took a deal. Come to find out that they have “septate” hymens. These hymens are naturally penetrated. “But”, the pediatric-medical examiner stated that it was “penetrating injury”. Really? Counsel failed to hire an expert. I told him to amend the writ and he did not. Given what I have said is true, absolutely true about the above cases, can you as a juror or judge with a clear conscience convict these people? What makes these sex offender cases “witch trials” is that the D.A. and experts and attorneys did not care about finding the truth. The District Attorney only cares about one thing: “conviction rate.” Think about it. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves when they help a child and or “damsel in distress”. Police officers have a hero complex. This interferes with good sound judgment in investigating the crime, especially sex cases. The police officers are also motivated by pinning collars (cases” on people to make arrest and ticket quotas. It’s true people. This combined with our genetic origins for immoral sex acts and crimes perpetually “perverts” justice in court. The Catholic priest and Bill Cosby are the “sacrificial lambs” pg. 13 of 15 to atone for what? Thousands of years of sexual immorality, sex crimes, and debauchery? I will not go into the history of religious temple prostitution except that the practice still goes on today, still in the streets and in church scandals. (See Imperium Chronicles “Teaser” comic at by Felton L. Matthews Jr.) What can you do to promote change. If you take the jury box, keep an open mind. Children today are not the children of the 1950’s. Instead of simply believing the children, take the evidence and testimony with a grain of salt. If a child skips school to have sex with an adult, or removes their own clothes and lubes themselves, then it may well be consensual. Also consider the penalty if you do decide to convict. If the defendant is facing multiple life sentences and there is no actual penetration of the orifices you have the right to say, “not guilty”. Most of these cases are based on a victim’s testimony alone combined with the vaporous “digital penetration” rule. Think about it. A child’s word, digital penetration rule, and a life sentence and “that” is true justice? Who can defend such a charge? The “witches” killed in Salem, Massachusetts got fairer trials than today’s child 14 of 15 sex offenders. Also ask the court if there is a lesser included offense to consider. If there is none, then acquit. Also, consider the circumstances under which the crimes are charged. Is there motive lie? Is there a custody or divorce battle involved? Was there immediate disclosure or was there a delay of significance? This all bears down on the victim. A juror should not have any sympathy for anyone in the courtroom. You should just want the facts. You are allowed a pen and a pad of paper to take notes. You as a juror will be given what is known as “jury instructions”. The court will tell you how to treat evidence and testimony. And finally, if even the slightest lie is told by the D.A., police, or victim, you have the right to disregard their testimony and not convict– at all! Also DNA evidence is what is known as inculpatory evidence or exculpatory evidence. The existence of DNA in a sex crime is not evidence of sexual assault. It just means the alleged victim and defendant had sex. “Consent” is another story. “Consent” is not to be determined by age, but by the circumstances. Victim participation in the act regardless of age is a strong sign of consent. If this is the case as a juror then do not convict for rape or sexual assault at all. Felton L. Matthews pg. 15 of 15

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: October 17, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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