The ghetto

Greene, Shane Vondel Michael



The Ghetto By Shane Vindel Michael Greene Prophet Speakeasy, was musing to himself the other day on the "not-so-liberal minded- liberal minded" pacific N.W. territories, its' peoples', culture, and marveling at the seemingly inexhaustible fervor for the environment and all that is "au natural- kind of reminds me of one of my favorite '70's television commercials for post grape nuts cereal. Ewell Gibbons there, sitting in a tree, in an idyllic setting, sprig-o-grass in his teeth: "tastes like wild hickory nuts!" (Hey was this guy some genetic cross between an ewe lamb/monkey?)- Yeah, and now back to hee haw! Let's just say for arguments sake; I were to act out my anger in the wrong way by beating a cute little seal pup in the head, with a club, to profit from it's hide- that is, instead of getting out "my stuff" through the mighty pen. Assuredly the public outcry for accountability would be tremendous: "Save our forests and trees," "Free Willy and the spotted owl," "Ooh, that poor seal," "Boo, that "angry black man."" Next they send this "rescued" seal to an aquarium (seal prison): and instead of profiting from "it's skin," they gradually destroy it overtime- all under the guise of: "THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!" Not to mention at an even greater profit margin!!$$ [In the biblical book of job, did I not read: "Skin for skin...he is in your power, only spare his life." JOB 2:4-6] Which now brings me to my seal (sic)...Uh, I mean my real point! How could some of you social-environmental, mental, clones and wannabes- not wallaby's silly, gidday mate!- How can you choose animal rights over human rights? A seal over another human being?! Say one of you cats. (by the way, love "cool cats"- hate pussies!)- say you happen to see, in contrast, five Portland (Oregon) police officers beating my brains out with a "billy club." I guarantee there'd be no outcry as for the seal, are the lessons of Rodney King, and more recently James P. Chasse Jr. ringing in your ears? - Or do you have a concussion from blunt force head trauma!?- Nope, just blind indifference (blond hair- blue eyed mind you). Passerby speaking: "Well I'm sure those officers' were perfectly justified in their "use of force." I mean, that man, he did do something wrong, didn't he?" Here now, in a very similar fashion- that is, except this ain't no aquarium- "no swimming pools or movie stars" in the joint! This time, "the Prison Industrial Complex" profits, and another human life (inestimable in value) is waster- all under the guise of rehabilitation! Oh, didn't you know? The corrections "industry" in this country is surreal big business. Even "the Bob Barker Company, Fuqua N.C." is in on the game, cause: "THE PRICE IS RIGHT"- come on down! I know of a flawed and illogical ideology which allows citizens of America to be taxed to the tune of $38k/year to house one state prison inmate. (We only currently fork over approximately a third of that- $13k/year- to educate school children K-12). Let's not invest in our kids, just pay up the yin yang for adult-kids gone bad? And basically the only reason the writer of this essay (who by your own admission is smart and articulate enough to work), is not employed is...because, if you paid ME, "the ghetto prophet speakeasy $38k/year it would mean: "I make more money than you!!" Doesn't every man deserve a chance? (Even a "second" chance?)- the same chance you gave that seal? I mean, "seal" is a great singer, but I wouldn't go so far as to beat him in the head with a club. (Might dance to his beats in a club!)- you ever see his face? Tribal marking my are, somebody just beat you to the punch! Remember, indecision and indifference are decisions nonetheless...that my brothers and sisters, is how, "You seal a man's fate." And please, do continue in your indifference; it's making "no different" at all!! At some point you get tired of being perceived as a problem. At some point you get tired of asking people to treat you fairly. You get tired of petitioning the powers that be for the right. To have dreams, and the sufficiency to work towards their fulfillment. Sometimes, you just get tired of being a problem. I am, indeed, the darker brother. I will sit at the table. I will grow and be strong. I too am America! - Nikki Giovanni (From the foreword to: "I am the darker brother")

Author: Greene, Shane Vondel Michael

Author Location: Oregon

Date: October 2006

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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