The ghost in cell A163

Stromberg, Larry N.



The Ghost in Cell A163 I just arrived at SCI Graterford from way upstate. When I got to A-block, I was moved into a single cell for being a long term lifer for decades. I was so excited to be at the "Fort" and much closer home. When I was moving my property into cell A163, I noticed many strange and eerie looks from the other inmates on the block. I said to myself, "What the fuck are these dudes looking at? Are they going to try to test me? Why are these convicts looking at me like this? I was ready to take someone out if need be." I'm no pussy. Well, by the grace of God, nobody tried to try me. I didn't have to defend myself. I was truly relieved. After calming down and then watching some T.V. in my cell, I fell fast asleep. A peaceful deep sleep. Then: to my surprise I woke up suddenly in the deepness of the night. What I saw then scared the hell out of me. A dark figure with glowing red demon eyes staring right at me hanging from the old radiator above the sink in the cell. This evil figure "An Apparition" was swinging back and forth from a rope tied to the radiator above saying to me with a chilling demon voice, "Join me! Join me, Larry!" I was frozen in total fear and I shut my eyes and started to pray to the Lord above, "Help me, Lord God! Help me!" When I opened my eyes this dark presence disappeared. It wasn't a delusion or a damn hallucination. I wasn't on any type of medication either. The thing was fucking real! It messed me up for the rest of the night. I couldn't fall back to sleep, fearing this evil spirit would return. The next morning I spoke to my neighbor in the cell next store to me and I informed him what I saw. He told me with fear in his eyes and in his voice, that many have seen this demon in cell A163 hanging from the radiator with red evil glowing eyes. Many men have hung themselves in that cell over the past decades. It's known as the suicide death cell that leads to the gates of hell itself. This demon in the cell thrives on those that are oppressed, convicting them to murder themselves. I moved out of cell A163 that day and moved into a peaceful cell on the block where no demons or ghosts haunt in the middle of the night. But, others who moved into cell A163 have seen this dark horrible figure hanging from the radiator deep in the night. Some have committed suicide in that cell since I moved out. I believe that demon wanted me to do the same. God protected me. Written by Larry N. Stromberg 2019

Author: Stromberg, Larry N.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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