The gift of freedom for Texas children of the incarcerated

Archuleta, Iliana



The Gift of Freedom for Texas children of the Incarcerated Dear APWA: Texas continues to deny 1st time aggravated offenders the opportunity at parole. The prejudistic state laws fail us to one day have the chance of being re-united with our family. Meanwhile, Texas prisons get overcrowded by the day. The system (prisons) are stagnet with so many parole denials. But this is true mainly in women prisons. Our children being raised by family members, by strangers, by older siblings. It's the sad reality of why the horrendous cycle of incarceration does not end. So many hurt children, without their mothers, looking for a way to relief and cope with their pain. So many families broken, and never given the opportunity to be restored, reunited and made whole. The State of Texas needs to come up with a better plan in order stop the prison overcrowding. But especially to give these "abandoned" children the "gift of freedom" by being allowed to be raised in their own family with their own mother. I vote for a new house bill to be established for this great plan. Respectfully, Iliana Archuleta Texas

Author: Archuleta, Iliana

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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