The great escape

Feeney, Matthew D.



Matthew Feeney 18 Lines The Great Escape My facility proudly bans books anything they think may be “bad” or used to facilitate escape But they fallaciously include innocent books like Living Off the Grid all about solar, geothermal and wind power I giggle imagining an escaped client running through the woods with a windmill strapped to his back Books on wilderness survival skills are banned Jack can’t teach us how to build a fire Even certain National Geographics are prohibited we all know the joke — but they’re serious here Trying to remind us we’re worthless the “worst of the worst” Keeping us passively caged banning anything that might promote a better future Books incite dreams and dreams are dangerous slipping easily between the bars and escaping far, far away from here.

Author: Feeney, Matthew D.

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: June 24, 2022

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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