The grench that stole Christmas

Kuhn-Brown, Erin



The Grench that Stole Christmas (2019) By Erin Kuhn-Brown [ID] I am sure that you have heard of tales from the cript... Well, this is tales from Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center in Las Vegas, NV. Being housed at the only women's prison in Nevada doing almost 20 years, I have watched this place evolve over the years to its detriment. What use to be a place of growth, encouragement & positive correction has become a place of finger pointings, the state covering each others' rear ends and going after the inmates who are proven to not always be the criminals. One of our wardens... AWP Gabrielle Garcia has been with NDOC a long time working her way through the ranks, and has actively been a part of the changes being brought to this facility. The changes have not only occurred to the facility, but rather to the people who run it, and who are the decision makers. I never in all my years would have expected that the joy of the holidays could be removed from someone life... and now I know different. A memo went up at the beginning of October 2019 declaring that only level 1 & 2 could decorate their cell doors & pod for the holidays. Level 3, who are individuals housed in segregation & the behavioral management unit, are told that they may do none of the above. (Some how a tiny Christmas tree with lights managed to be set up here in the BMU, and on Thanksgiving morning, authorities came aware of its existence... and it was promptly disassembled.) (Song) Your a mean one, Warden Garcia... Your a mean one, Warden Garcia... Your thoughtless & Unkind... You refuse to let the holiday shine... You say no decorating in level 3... and if it was your way, we'd never see the sun again. Happy Holidays!

Author: Kuhn-Brown, Erin

Author Location: Nevada

Date: 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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